Ron Van Dyke – Money, Guns & The Matrix Of Control – 1 December 2012

Uploaded on 1 dec 2012  by paradoxman316

It’s ironic. I don’t chase money and I’ve never owned a gun; yet here I am, the Paradoxman, defending money and gun rights. The truth is, which might be hard for those that hate both due to their apparent effects in our world, neither a pallet of money nor a trainload of guns are able, by themselves, to harm anyone. Only in the hands of a criminal personality are either used to control others. Unfortunately, criminal personalities have created a matrix of control that has some people calling for the elimination of money and the confiscation of guns. It’s almost funny, since there are other things existing that can hurt people that are not being attacked as responsible for injury, like cars, planes and carving knives. Frankly, the arguments raised by some seem insane to me; yet some of these people seem very astute and quite intelligent. So how is it that people can blame objects for how they are used by sick people? If I knew the answer, I’d tell you. Unfortunately, all I can do is express how I view these controversial subjects. What you do with my perceptions is up to each one of you.


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