Ann Peckham – Sparkling Energy – Distraction Cuts You Off From Source Energy – 2 December 2012

ann-at-tinas-4-150x150I am getting floods of inspiration and I am finding that “habit” is continuously trying to kick in and distract me.

It feels like the battle between the familiar and the little known but gentle, quiet wise one. Habit is so easy to slip into and so familiar that it is constantly the default setting.

And this evening December 1st 2012, the gentle, quiet one has won out. Though it was a conscious choice as familiar habit kept calling  and it continues even as I clumsily try to type this into my blog.

I know that getting drawn into night-time TV can eat up so much time and is one of the most all pervading distractions. And virtually every single home in the  western world has one on most of the day and evening, it is a constant “companion”.

Interestingly I was visiting David this evening, in his caravan, and he had “Futurama” on  and I noticed that written in amongst the dialogue there were some profound insights. The episode was the one about the invasion of the giant brains that sucked the intelligence and the ability to think out of people through television sets and as every home had one they were all made stupid and easy to manipulate. The only one who was unaffected was Fry and he discovered that the only way to defeat the dumbing down effect was to think intelligent thoughts and he suggested that to do that we needed access to the books in the public library. Suggesting that we are easy to manipulate and be made stupid through the infiltration into our homes by TV and the solution is to start to think for ourselves.

System programming is a direct attack on our ability to think independently but there are so many other less obvious thieves if focus.

Ask yourself how often during the day or evening are you alone and silent?

When you find yourself alone and silent, do you search for music to fill that silence? Or search for company?

In the silence of being alone do you notice that you are constantly interrupted by your own errant mind? Thoughts which go round and round, replaying past regrets, fear  of the future, self-doubts, intermittently telling yourself off? So you would rather have the back- ground noise of the TV on in the corner of the room for company, or if you have already moved away from the negative influence of that you instead put on some music? This has the effect of distracting you from your incessant thinking which feels like relief. Which in the Law of Attraction seems like a good idea, accessing relief.

But there is a greater prize that is so worth finding out about. It is the conscious connection to Source Energy through being permanently aware of its transformative power. And you can find that most powerfully through the power of being alone in silence.

I know that I am connected to Source Energy and I know how powerful that is.

I also know many of the ways that we prevent ourselves from even getting an inkling of what that feels like.

The habits that we in the Western world have fallen into have served us very poorly as they actively prevent us from consciously connecting with the Source of All.

I know that as I have fallen foul of many of them in my own life.

Watching sensational television and films and in particular getting drawn into long term TV soaps such as Eastenders and  Coronation Street and the like. All of these and many more are distractions that prevent us from being silent and empty minded.

It is only in the silent, empty mind that the still quiet voice of wisdom can be heard.

And we are so rarely in that divine state.

When we eat foods that leave us feeling bloated and sleepy that is a distraction.

Continuously going over past mistakes and regrets, feeling guilty or blaming others, projecting that into a fear filled future. We find it almost impossible to stay in the silence alone, so we play music. Or we reach for our self administered treat of a glass or two of wine. That quickly makes it almost impossible to be consciously aware of Source Energy.

Feeling hopeless and depressed or angry and frustrated causes us to focus on the problems and cut ourselves off from source.

Being driven to succeed regardless of the cost can make you feel so self reliant that the pressure drives you to so much stress that internally you are starting to shut down, eaten away by cortisol.

Developing “conscious awareness” enables us  to see the ways that we are continuously being distracted and no-one really has to make much effort to do this to us because we are all masters at doing it to ourselves.

We are creatures of habit and the familiar ways that we have learnt to live our lives are guaranteed to keep us in a constant state of distraction.

We are never, ever completely detached from Source Energy but we can be and almost always are “permanently distracted”. We forget who we really are and then feel like it is all up to us and that can be such a heavy weight to bear so we reach for the bottle to forget even more.

Even those of us who have been on the path of awakening for many years fall in to many distraction traps even now.

We have now arrived at the final 3 weeks of this paradigm and as we race towards December 21st  it is time to become as fully aware of each and every distraction that tries to grab our attention as possible.

There is so much excellent inspiration flooding through and all that it needs is for us to be paying attention to the things that matter and notice when we are deliberately being distracted by irrelevancies.

There are many paths that can lead to enlightenment and intent to follow it through to fruition is an important attitude to acquire.

We are all capable of becoming fully aware of our direct connection to the Source of All. Being determined to remain connected at all times and noticing when we are being tempted to drift into familiar  habits and choosing a higher vibration will guarantee that we are heading in the right direction.

The more you consciously choose the aware enlightened path the longer you will spend on it. The longer you spend on it the greater the contrast when you are tricked off into Distraction Land and that contrast can be felt as a tightening in the solar plexus. The instant you notice it, release it through breathing into it deeply and become aware of what is trying to hook your attention.

If you’d like to connect with me to share your thoughts and your journey I would love to hear from you. I can share with you some really simple techniques that make it easier to reconnect as soon as you disconnect and get distracted.

We all get distracted so many times during the day even those of us who know better.

Now is the time to claim your birthright of co-creative conscious awareness, this leads to direct connection with the full power of Source Energy and that is the most exhilarating and exciting feelings on the planet.

Love and light


Distraction cuts you off from Source Energy | Sparkling Energy by Ann Peckham

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