Lucas – Update On The Changes On Earth – 2 December 2012

Heart lightsDear ones,

Update on the changes:  A Lot of changes have already been taking place behind the scenes and in plain view. You just have to see all the movements. The 22 November doorway brought us lots of cleansing and integrating of that what was needed to be imbedded in the Oneness Energy.  There is a feeling and urge that people awakened have, it is the feeling to get in action, or to be stepping up their efforts on their private missions. Also working on the personal level within and on living your live as if you are already ascended or in 5d mode is needed. 

It means Love in Action and cleaning up even more. Looking back and staying in old patterns, etc. are now passé.  Surrendering to your hearts call to see that it is only living from unconditional love and oneness with the Source, Gaia and everything that is.  We are on the threshold of important changes and the final and mostly changes are brought about on the higher spiritual level that reflects  inwards and outwards. The last part of the duality play in all stages and different settings is being played out now. There is no need to linger on. All those things happen and see them as data now new you’re in any way emotional attached to.  It is the dawning of the new that forces all the old now to choose love.

If you see that as the bigger picture happening it will maybe ease your mind from that focus on the mainstream news, the tv and those people who still are not awakened and pray on energy or think still to follow or keep seeking answers in the old paradigm and outside themselves.  We are coming now to some important dates that will bring help us  in our growth. The 3rd December has a special planetary alignment that concurs with the pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt. The activation on that date will bring also news about some secrets that might be revealed that day.  The 12 th December is a grand date which will allow all that we manifested to be our new paradigm after 21th June, The Venus transit, 21th October and 11th and 22nd November, to be manifested upon earth. Maybe at first not visible to you but after 21st  December it will be clear when you are fully activated what you can expect.

The 18th December has two strong planetary alignments on that date. In these dates the play of duality on the old 3D world level will be coming to and end. The last day toward the 21st December we should be using to focus our selves and align ourselves with the source and vision again that what we want for ourselves but foremost want for all the better of human kind, mother earth and the universe in all its dimensions, etc., to become in 5D. The 21 December is the activation of the lightbodies, you becoming the first beings to ascend with your own bodies upon our rebirthed new earth.
The magnificence of that all will become clear when you experience it and know Oneness and love are all that you need to be. The building blocks of unconditional love will make the most beautiful infinite creations possible. A new way of living and knowing we can explore and do, be all from that only center point that is unconditional love in oneness. So do not worry about ascension as it will come in the form it needed to do for your ending of the cycle. Be love.

Love and Light,


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