Lucas – The World Up Side Down – Just New Perspectives – 2 December 2012

Upside-down-world-350x170It feels like a fools bumpy ride on the longest (inter)dimensional rollercoaster of the universe, being sometimes up, sometimes down, going left right and  in curves and loops. In all you feel the nearing excitement of having dared to be on this ride that will bring you to the most beautiful bliss and feeling that you’d wish for. It is just that what your journey on this planet you have chosen to be experiencing the duality is about.

You feel the calling to get home, the feeling to be getting back at that place we all came from. The source.  The oneness and love are as the perfume of flowers that soak the air with their beautiful smells and exotic tones and those flowers just wanna let you know to be just joy and bliss. The manifesting new is showing up in surprising ways, and things unfold just in an other ways than you thought it to happen. The new perspectives on things show you to see in another way all that is.

It shows you connections are not only linear in time but all interconnected surrounding you and surrounding all and being in all without time. See it like your able to touch and reach things at the same time from different spots and dimensions and put them together as being just one new creation. It is like grabbing a cloud  and playing with it and mould it into a form you love to have it.  The liquid creation I call it. You will be able soon to manifest instantly. So creating all from the heart in unconditional love and oneness is essential in this 5D (co)creating.

The world is ready for you the new masters of this new paradigm. Think in this last phase of the ending cycle to keep heart centered, grounded  and focussing on the new as if already manifested. There is no looking back anymore. All is now.  Be the one you have been looking for.  It is you that can make this up side down world again turned around to a creation of love in oneness and that is what we came here for.  We remembered to be those that came here to make this cycle end at this time and make it possible for the source to make a new step after the exploring of all in duality.  You have been the Ones that made this all possible for all of us and the source.  Thanks for that.

It is time for a new paradigm and a new journey to explore all that is from a 5D perspective or higher as unique  lightbeings ascending in their body with earth and the universe.

Love and Light,


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