Sophia Love – December 22nd, 2012 – First Day On The Job – 2 December 2012

841640We’ve begun the final Quest of this pivotal year.  As was stated in the invitation:

“This is the last Quest of 2012. We’ve been leading up to this moment with each journey. We are headed for our own core, Agape is at the center. By the time this Quest is complete, we’ll be days away from the Galactic Alignment. This is

an event that will not be repeated for another 26,000 years. We’ll be ready. We know who we are.

In this Quest we will be One. Agape is a fearless act of courage. In order to love the One that we are, we will have to let go of every protest and absorb every facet of ourselves. This is it. The preparations have been completed. Who you are is perfect, as is. There is nothing else for you to do, it is time now to be. Just be love.

Look into your own eyes and witness divine love. Look into our eyes and see the reflection of divine brilliance. Your light is visible now. Nothing else can be seen; there is only truth. Without reservation or exception, shamelessly love us all. We’ve been waiting for 26,000 years!

The Shift is here. We will not move forward with fear. It is our love that will create this Shift. Our goal is Agape. We are One.

For love is always true. Love needs no definition. Love is what you are. “

We are here.  The month of December 2012 has begun.  No other thirty- one days has been more anticipated.  Case in point: Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat Ale.  How cool is that? This is why you are here!  Well, not for the ale necessarily, it’s a little bitter or what is referred to as “hoppy”; but for this spectacular show, as only humans can produce.  You have a seat in the front row.  The show is starting, grab your ale and settle in.  You’ve been waiting a long time.

You are ready.  What you don’t have, you don’t need.  We’ve journeyed together for just this moment.  It’s all about agape.  Nothing is more important than love, you know that now.

If you are reading these words, you are a fellow Master.  The Love Quest has been a reminder of truth for you.  You came here with something to do.  You may not know precisely what it is yet, but you will in 3 weeks.  You’ve been drawn to these words to remember who you are.  You are love.  You don’t need any further training; what you need is a remembering.  It will come.

It hasn’t come up until now because the timing was off.  Your love and your gifts are needed after the shift.  December 22nd, 2012 will be your first day on the job.  You will awaken to a new world.  This world will be ready to hear what you are now absolutely sure of – that love and freedom are synonymous.  Freedom is love expressed.  Love is what we are.

We are One.  The realization of this truth is about to go global.  It’s been gradually, naturally evolving within each country, institution, family and heart.  After the shift, when our sun bathes us with divinity, it will be obvious.  Our new world, the one we’ve all dreamed of, will be where we are standing.

It will then be time to activate what we came for.  We are lightworkers.  The reason we’ve come and spent all this time encouraging each other has arrived.  No longer will our visions fall on deaf ears or on eyes without sight.  This shift will alter the world view of everyone and it is for this moment that you came.

You are love.  Every false notion you’ve held is about to dissolve.  They have been gradually disappearing right along.  You’ve begun to understand that you are divinity in a human suit.  You are here with a job to do.  You were chosen.  Source put out a call and it was answered by many Masters, of which you are One.

You’ve done this work before, and on the 22nd of December you’ll begin again.  You are one of those Masters, here now to do what Masters do.  Love will be evidenced in your every moment.  As you brush your teeth, pet your dog or answer your phone you will be loving.  This new age is ushered in on the hands of many Masters.  Look now at your own hands and realize that they are here to build a framework of Agape.

The time for protest is over.  Realize your truth.  You are love, here to demonstrate wisdom.  Your very core is love.  There is work now that demonstrates this (  The heart is our primary organ of perception.  This, you have known all along.

Love with wild abandon!  “It’s the end of the world as we know it”.  This is a great thing.  It is the beginning of the world as we’ve dreamed it.  Finally!

The waiting is over.  You are here!  You are the One we’ve been waiting for.  I love you!

See you tomorrow.


~~ The second video is one previously posted that was removed.  It has been restored and is just so powerful.  I cry every time I see it!  Enjoy: “Lightworkers Help Mother Earth (Gaia)!

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