Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your GuideTo Planetary Energies For 3-9 December 2012 – 3 December 2012

PamYounghansTHE ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER is calmer this week than it has been for many, many weeks. Looking at our highlights list, we see no eclipses, no major interplanetary aspects, not even any major triggers to the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square.

We may not have a completely uneventful week, since Uranus’ influence is building as the planet prepares to change direction on December 13. Nonetheless, a bit of planetary breathing room this week means we should have time to process recent developments and gain greater clarity on where we want to go from here.

This will be helpful for any who are still adjusting to the effects of the recent November eclipses. Although the eclipse themes will be with us, in varying degrees, for the next six months, we can assume that their greatest impact will be within the timeframe of the current lunar cycle, which completes on December 13.

(Notice any repeating dates here?)

THE LAST-QUARTER MOON, exact on Thursday, may provide some missing pieces to the eclipse puzzle. The Moon will be in Virgo, the sign of the harvest, representing opportunities to finish the old in preparation for the new.

Astrologer Dana Gerhardt writes that:

“The Last Quarter Moon is a time for letting go, for bringing your life in line with what you deeply know to be true. This is a transitional time. There is something more to do before the new cycle arrives. Often the work is about letting go. Letting go of unhelpful people, places or things, misguided dreams, attitudes or behaviors — whatever it is that holds us back.”

What have the recent eclipses revealed to you, about what you are ready to release so that a new phase of your life can begin? And what new inspirations are coming in, perhaps already making themselves known at the periphery of your awareness?

GOING BACK to my earlier comment about Uranus getting ready to change direction — I’ve mentioned before that a planet’s influence increases around the time that it stations (stands still).

Uranus represents the expansion of our consciousness, and our ability to think outside of accepted parameters. When Uranus’s influence is strong, it tends to bring about the changes that are necessary to allow us greater access to and use of our own unique ideas and insights.

URANUS is virtually stationary for the entire month of December, midway between 4 and 5 degrees of Aries. If the early degrees of Aries are important in your chart, changes that began in early spring of this year are now reaching their culmination point. You may find this month to be the time you finally break free from the chains that have been binding you — either internally or externally.

For all of us, stationary Uranus is providing the opportunity to move beyond the limitations that fear or habit have ingrained. Restlessness and impatience, breakthroughs and breakdowns, sudden insights and unexpected revelations throughout December will reveal where we are finally ready to liberate ourselves from the old.



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