Sophia Love – The Beginning Times – 3 December 2012

9721860Hello and welcome to our 2nd day!

It’s a struggle this morning to come up with what could possibly be relevant in these days of December 2012.  Everything has been said.

In the final analysis, none of us are sure what an “end of times” actually looks like.  It’s not available on You Tube, Reddit or Pinterest.  No one has seen it and shown up now to tell us.  Oh, there are voices that describe possibilities.  We each have our favorites, some we believe and like; others we aren’t so sure about and most we read every day, regardless of opinion.  We’re looking for something that’s not here; not yet.

In these end times we are getting in no uncertain terms the manifestation of our deepest held beliefs.  We’ve lived through generation after generation of manipulation by those who see us as one mass of humanity, here to be controlled.  We are waking up and finding our voice and our truth.  This life is ours to control.  The key to creation is within.  We know this now, so it’s no more “same old, same old”.  We don’t know what to expect, this is new territory and it’s driving us nuts.  We don’t trust the “powers that be” to give it to us straight; we aren’t sure who to trust.

Trust yourself.  Your body, your heart and your soul know exactly what they’re doing.  Each has been waiting for you to stop running the program of low self esteem, self doubt and self hatred.  All this love you’ve been keeping from yourself but projecting onto a God, human, animal or cause – is itching to reach you as well.  You just didn’t know.

It’s okay.  We’ve been slumbering together, a sort of pre-cursor to Oneness.  These are the End Times of Mass Deception.  We have entered the Beginning Times of Mass Uncovering – The Age of Enlightenment.  We are opening our hearts; this will be the best gift ever.

Agape is like nothing you’ve ever felt.  It is freedom.  It is pure, unrestricted and fearless.  There are no doubts in a heart that knows truth.  In the face of every confrontation, challenge, hardship or setback – nothing is lost.  Agape yields a constant state of abundance.

This is the secret the manipulators have used to keep us in a state of subservience, lack and slavery.  Self hatred is not natural, yet we’ve each felt it.  If you want to completely dominate someone, create fear in them.  They will act or not act accordingly; always as a reaction to you.  Self determination is not in their repertoire.  It is instead a life of self-preservation and safety.  This is the life we are ending; the “end of times”.

We’ve been here so long that we are in the habit of looking to someone else to tell us the truth so we know how to react.  Life is an active endeavor, not a reactive event.  The times of believing we are controlled by others more powerful than us are over.

There is no one more powerful than you.  These are the end times.  You don’t need anyone to tell you what comes next.  That’s the whole point!  You only need to trust your inner voice, and then tell yourself the truth.  This is how you create the beginning.

We are God consciousness, seeing ourselves as if for the very first time – enamored with the vision.  These are not times to fear or to look for someone else to tell us about.  These are the beginning times; our start as Agape sourced Masters.

We are beholden to none.  We are One.  The voice of truth, this inner rhythm of love has now seen the light of day.  It’s okay to love yourself.  You are perfect; an expression of joy without limits!  Treat yourself tenderly, lovingly and lavishly.  Then, when your eyes behold the rest of us, they will be all filled up and overflowing with Agape.

We will be encased in a field of unconditional love; the state of divinity.

These are the beginning times.  They are worthy of the Masters who created them; us.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,


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