Visionkeeper – Free To Fly At Last! – 3 December 2012

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Over the past year we have devoted so much energy towards opening our hearts and being love, yet at the same time we were always glancing sideways to keep our eyes on the dark ones and what they were up to. No more. They have gotten all the vital energy from me they are going to get.

It is time to concentrate on pure unadulterated Joy! If we want joy in our lives at long last then we must BE joy on all levels. Spend every waking moment looking at what is right in the world not what is wrong. Forget wrong! There is no such word in the new world, think right and everything it entails. Put your blinders on to everything that is wrong in 3D and focus on what is right and wonderful in 5D. It is nothing more than training your mind to look for the good and bypass the bad. It is like any other habit we add into our lives, it takes about 30 days to take hold and become part of our routine.

With the propaganda being drummed into people’s psyche about how bad things are in the world, it is no wonder we all just learned to fall into step with the masses and see everything around us as bad, falling apart, corrupt etc. It was all we ever saw or heard or talked about. Forget all of that! The news does often follow uplifting and positive stories so we must search them out for ourselves. Just the other day they did include the story of the NYC policeman who bought all-weather boots and socks for a homeless man who was barefoot in the freezing weather. Perhaps the media is beginning to soften just a bit as well. Therein lies one small example of good, not only for the homeless man and the cop, but also that the media is cracking ever so slightly!

People are bursting out of themselves everywhere now, cracking open that hard shell we have spent a lifetime forming. These instances are happening more and more and I remember a time not long ago when this kind of thing would never have happened. People didn’t care about people not long ago. How quickly we forget! I wonder if we even see how we ourselves are softening around the edges? Do we notice ourselves becoming more loving beings day-to-day? I think if we practiced random acts of kindness as often as we can we would become more aware of our own changes. Seeing other people’s lives changed in small ways is so uplifting. Let’s make this another new habit as well in our lives!

I am not certain what I will write about from here on out. I can’t really plan it but rather must allow my words to go with the flow of what is happening day-to-day, but I do know I will be concentrating on what is right and wonderful in the world. I will as always try to promote hope and now throw in a spot or two of joy as well. It is so important as I have said before for us to go into December with the right intentions in order to create our new world. Fear is not allowed to be a part of it, so if you harbor fear you must deal with that before entering the new world. We must BE exactly what we want to see. We must live our lives day-to-day in a state of joy and love and hope and trust and not fall prey to fear if that is what we want and who we want to be!

As you can see I have changed my Gravatar thanks to Barbara’s suggestion. I am no longer stuck behind the fence but flying free and my spirit is flying free as well. This is how I want my world to feel and so I will live as if it already is, hence the new Gravatar. Manifesting a new life is not just wanting it and thinking about it, it is living your life that way as if the change has already taken place. Of course one must believe from the center of their being that it is possible. So much doubt in the world and rightfully so after all we have been put through, but it is time now to believe ourselves into a new world and a new way of being.

So I guess my work for the next 21 days will be to pump as much joy and hope into the world to get us primed up and ready to embrace whatever comes our way. If the dark ones stir up chaos just let it reflect off of you and make the supreme effort to look for the good hidden beneath the bad. It is always there! It manifests in the form of  lessons to be learned and in doing so our lives improve for the better. Please don’t ever forget that. If you can remember this, fear and dread can not take hold within. So let us plan on creating Joy and Love all through December and brighten our light so strong we need to wear sunglasses at night as well as at day. Let us be who we were meant to be and enjoy every minute of it!

Blessings to us all…

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