Champions Of The Future – 4 December 2012

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In order of Appearance:

Walter Russell, JFK, Terrence McKenna, MLK
Egypt/American Protests
EU Conference 2013 Scholarship winners

The Thunderbolts Project

Best Friends on Youtube: Mr2tuff2, Telluricurrent, TheElectricStone

Revolution Radio [] – Sirius Rising

Youtubers Featured: Danny Wilten, Thyalwaysseek maalaea, idahopicker, 4842Chuck, TBar1984, highvoltagefeathers, gumanthon1, brodyluv2, DEMCAD

Ending Sequence: There is a shift slowly taking place in our entire solar system. Humans are NOT responsible – although our attempts to play god in mitigation may exacerbate this event. Please find the following videos for reference and citations: “Solar System Shift” ; “Electromagnetic Event” ; “Our World is Changing” ; and “STARWATER” –if you take the time to watch, you will KNOW that human CO2, chemtrails and HAARP are not the cause of these events.

Think depopulation is real and there is 1 elite control group? See my video “Elites: A Harsh Truth” — there are many groups… and some are on our side.

Having doubts about your own power? See my video “I Am HAARP”


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