Ron Van Dyke – Law Of Attraction Is Not Absolute – 4 December 2012

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Alright, I know many metaphysical/spiritual friends will not agree, since modern teachers of the Law of Attraction say that everything that happens is a result of our thoughts and beliefs. Perhaps this is true for the collective in a general way; but it is certainly not true that every challenge or adversity that occurs in an individual human life is the result of that one thinking bad thoughts or doing bad things. There are literally multitudes of people affected by wars, chemtrails, genetic modification of food, poisoning of water supplies, contamination of medications, and a host of other insane practices that go on daily in human culture that cannot be traced to any single individual’s thought as being causal or why that man, woman or child experiences such horrific things. To say they did it is insane. It makes no sense to the rational mind or the loving heart. At most, what we might say is that we collectively experience the results of the group mind created by all of us that have forgotten who we are and how much power we really do have. That is all of us. Let me repeat, however, that the Law of Attraction is not absolute in explaining each and every occurrence in an individual’s life.


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