Visionkeeper – The New Drugs For 2013 – 4 December 2012

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We are creating a whole new world so we might as well create a whole new line of drugs to take the place of 3D toxins. It will be handfuls of love and beauty and dreams and hope and joy.

All wonderful things to saturate our bodies and minds with, making for a whole new way of living. What fun it will be to live from this whole new perspective! We have already begun to live this way, and that is how we will manifest our future, we are giving it a trail run so to speak and it seems to agree with most of us. Everyday a new story comes forth about somebody being kind and thoughtful and compassionate to another. It was rare for us to express such things so now when we do when they become headline news. How pathetic, but happening it is and that is my point. We are growing into our love and putting it forth.

I know I will repeat things here between now and December 21st, but so much is at stake now we can’t afford to not get this right this time around. Twenty seven thousand years is a long wait to try again! As far as I can see we are doing pretty well at maneuvering about in this new way of being, many are still standing strong and holding the light in their hearts despite the mind control taking place. I find that quite remarkable. Proof that once we raise our consciousness up just enough to get out of the 3rd dimension, the dark ones can no longer get to us. We must accept the fact that many are not ready to shift and remain stuck in the lower frequencies. All the more reason we need to come together and shine our light brightly and pour out our love to humanity tenfold and stay out of 3D. The universe needs our attention and our devotion to this. The shift cannot occur without love!

It is quite amazing to think about this magical date. Never before in the history of mankind have we ever paid such close attention to one particular day and we never will again most likely until 27,000 years passes us by again. We are here on earth being witness to a once in a paradigm happening, being witness to mankind evolving into its next phase of being! How grand is that. I wonder if the tadpoles knew when they finally dropped their tails that they now became frogs? We are departing the lower frequencies of 3D where everything is dense and heavy and lacking love and compassion and sprinting forward into 5D where we become lighter and radiate with love and compassion. If only we could take pictures and capture the Kodak moment!

I am sure many people are wondering what will transpire on this special day when three planets line up with the three pyramids exactly at long last, 27,000 years in the making. I doubt there is really a single soul on earth who has a solid clue. Nobody is still around from the last time to tell us and documentation is sparse from so long ago. The bible has been so badly manipulated to tell us only what the dark ones want us to know it is questionable what truths lie within it. So we are StarTreking along to where no man has gone before with only the trust we carry in our hearts that this is where we must venture to next  guiding us along. Talk about Brave New World. We are the Brave New world!

Christmas is approaching and all the stress that comes along with it. People spending themselves and this country further into debt, some people with everything, most people without, higher fuel bills in colder climates, shorter and darker days. The challenges are many and then we have ascension piled on top of everything and solar flares blasting away. It will be a very difficult task to keep the light flowing constantly amidst all the tribulation. I know we can do this, but we should stay aware of how we are feeling both mentally and physically so we are in the best condition for this endeavor. This will require every ounce of strength and courage we can muster up. Already places are going into fearful hyper-drive over December 21! People are panicking that this is the end of the world thanks to all the propaganda put out just for this purpose. The disconnected people are running in fear.

We are the new doctors now. It is up to us to go about delivering our new drugs of love and beauty, dreams, hope and joy to all those feeling distraught and lost without purpose and unaware of who they are and the power they hold. They are like newborns and we are the midwives. Let us pack up our black bags of drugs and be ready and on call to go wherever needed to see that this magnificent evolution for change is completed with as little pain as possible. We are the warmed up receiving blankets waiting to wrap our love around each soul as it emerges from the cold depths of 3D into the light of 5D…

Blessings to us all,

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  1. FloatingOnSmiles (FOS)

    A lovely interpretation of our Now! Thank you 🙂