Wes Annac – Astral Trip To Acclipthys – 4 December 2012

307-smallThis was written for the ongoing Astral Travels section of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter and here, we travel to the ascended city of Acclipthys and meet up with the Golden Council by utilizing our visualization and manifestation abilities.

This week, we are going to travel to Acclipthys and meet-up with the Golden Council of Acclipthys by utilizing our visualization and manifestation abilities. For newcomers to our Newsletter who may know little of Acclipthys or the Golden Council, Acclipthys is an ascended city that sits in the clouds of this world, and by utilizing the natural astral travel abilities we all possess and can access, I have been taken to this city and experienced various facets of it.

I have also been introduced to the governing Council of this city, known as the Golden Council of Acclipthys and have brought through a few channeled communications from them in the past. Working with the Golden Council, we have been on many astral excursions to Acclipthys in past issues of this Newsletter, and we have experienced a small facet of the beautiful city. We have blessed Gaia with the Golden Council in the past and today, I would like to lead you all to a place in Acclipthys that I was only recently introduced to by the Golden Council.

As I’ve discussed before, a part of my initial experiencing of Acclipthys was being led to some type of marble fountain that encompassed the room I was in, and in this fountain was pouring golden liquid. I was found as well, a marble bowl in my hand and was instructed to dip it into the fountain and partake of the Golden Nectar. Its taste was just heavenly, and I’ve come to understand that it was a representation of the higher dimensional energy I was feeling within myself while in this ascended city and it was represented to me as something familiar so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the experience of absorbing such energy.

I have recently been introduced to another one of these ‘fountains’ which are again, representations of very pure energy that we all have the full ability to absorb and rather than this one being in a room as I experienced the first fountain, it is outdoors in what can only be described as the heavenly version of a city square. Before we make our way to this fountain and absorb the wonderful higher dimensional energy it will have to offer in the form of a Golden, heavenly-tasting nectar, we are going to meet up with the Golden Council and to do this we will utilize our natural and practiced visualization abilities.

If you would like to, you can go into a light meditation during this exercise. Doing so is recommended if you wish to enhance the experience but it is not required; only your natural visualization and imagination abilities are. You will find that by introducing yourselves to a certain concept or manifestation, it will naturally appear to you as in impression within your perceived imagination, even if only for a moment. We are going to utilize our power to manifest based on visualization and meet up with the Golden Council at the “gazebo of Acclipthys” that we have also met at in past issues of this Newsletter.

To offer a basic visual manifestation for those who are new to the Newsletter, we will be feeling ourselves in a heavenly and serene type of landscape and the focal-point of this landscape will be a beautiful gazebo that you can visualize and manifest yourselves existing in, looking out at the beautiful landscape all around. There are sound and color waves floating around the beautiful “air” of this area and notice that what we would normally perceive as invisible air is in fact colorful energy floating all around our perception and around this entire heavenly reality.

What we have seen as invisible air has all along, been colored and glittered energy that is very fluid, in that we can work with it and transduce it to become any type of energy or manifestation we wish it to. We are manifesting the gazebo we are standing/floating in as well as the beautiful and colorful flowers and trees that are everywhere around us in these beautiful serene landscape that our group has recognized as the “outskirts of Acclipthys”.

Take a few moments if you’d like to feel and hold the focus of this moment, this landscape and this serene feeling of bliss existing all around us. It feels great, does it not?

Notice as we are feeling the beautiful bliss of this moment, that a collective of very tall, Loving, transparent yet colorful beings are beginning to appear and make their way to us. Watch as they come closer and closer to us and with every inch closer they get to us, we perceive of them in a more refined, real and intense way. We see, feel and energetically respond to the colors we are watching radiate from these beings into a beautiful wave of higher dimensional expression and as they get closer and closer, they uplift our hearts more and more and we find a greater Love within us by the mere presence of these souls.

As they reach us and we perceive of them in their full bounty and splendor, notice and feel as they bless us with their uplifting energy. I personally felt myself float off of the ground a little bit as they gave this blessing to all of us and perhaps you all experienced your own reaction to being given this energy as well. They are so very happy to be within the vicinity of our energies again and happy to see that our troop has expanded, and they are ready to and will happily now lead us to what they are describing as the “Golden Fountain” of Acclipthys.

We are not going to walk/float/fly there with them and rather, they are going to encompass our group in a Lighted energy that will transport us to this fountain instantaneously. Notice and feel as the Light from these beings begins to expand and permeate the spirits of each and every one of us. How does it feel to be all-encompassed in the Light of Angelic, Loving beings? How does it feel to have this experience, and what visuals are you being given as we are all transported with this Light to our destination?

I personally witnessed and felt us all swept-up within this energy and a brilliant white Light shown and remained prevalent as I watched varying shades of this Light danced all around me and I felt myself transported to the amazing fountain that I am now perceiving of.

This Light was likely different for all of us but that was my experience of it, and I now feel each one of us standing around and enjoying the site of a large, marble fountain [ it’s interesting that the Golden Council called it a golden fountain] with strange yet beautiful writings on it and golden liquid flowing all throughout it. I will allow you all to Create, visualize and manifest the uplifting landscape around this fountain, as ascended cities are Creation-based by nature and will accommodate any Lighted visualization and manifestation one wishes to bring forth in such cities.

As you feel all of us existing within this wonderful landscape near this fountain, visualize, see and feel a marble bowl in your hands. Notice the smooth texture of this bowl and how it seems to be perfectly carved-out for use as a dipping-bowl. When you feel you are ready, approach the fountain and dip your bowl into the fountain, and partake of the Golden higher dimensional energy of Acclipthys in the form of nectar. For me, the best [and silliest] description of how this nectar tastes would be the American candy “Skittles” and perhaps you taste this nectar in a specific yet delicious way.

The Golden Council are looking upon us as we go about this experience [their main role of bringing us here has been fulfilled] and as you drink the heavenly nectar out of your marble bowl, you are feeling and absorbing incredibly-pure higher dimensional energies within yourselves that you attained with a few simple visualization and manifestation efforts.

It truly is this easy to access and feel entire ascended cities as well as the energies established upon such cities, and as I leave the rest of this exercise open to you all to manifest your own specific experiences, I express the hope that each manifestation exercise we’ve practiced during this Newsletter has been helpful for you all in perceiving past the same-ol’ third dimensional realms we’ve all grown used to.

You are as always, encouraged to practice your own visualizations in the days ahead as you will further strengthen your already-inherent ability to visualize and feel yourselves in entire astral and ascended landscapes. Remember the power and ability you hold within, for you can never truly forget it.

This concludes our Astral Travels for this week.

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