Bill Ballard – A Great Difference Between Activists & Lightworker – Light Warriors – 6 December 2012

Uploaded on 6 December 2012 by Sometimes others force me into a corner trying to get me to fight. If it were physical, I’d say lets tango, but when it is coming from Ghosts of the 3D world who attack others and then hide behind their excuses not even considering that they do, and the effect of vibration it has on the planet, then I must make a choice to fight or be abused. Ha… there is another way, delete and block. The activists who are so insistant of focusing their intent upon others, as the Food Illuminati has done, must be released to the world and vibration of their own making, attracting Like to Like while the rest of us Lightworker Light Warriors continue to shift this planet through our focused intent and true LIGHT… Such a great difference between the comprehension at the various levels of vibration as all goes through their awakening process… I still send love to those who I have had to distance myself from, but will no longer take the abuse they focus upon others. Be LOVE!

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