Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Bold Action – 6 December 2012

JamyePriceEach Being creates.  By choice or by default – by breath; you create.  It is not a contest as your games and governments would have you believe, it is a function of Life and the rules are few.  Observe, choose, focus.  You observe because you are part of a collective, all of the cosmos is a collective.  Your interpersonal experiences are your indications of your collective permission. 

Observe because it is speaking to you of your creation that is, your dimensional reality.  To observe is to perceive; you bring the external into your internal and mix it with your perceptions, beliefs and choice.  To dismiss this response-ability due to fear or overwhelm is to allow the engine of life to continue to create by default around you; though as always, still with you.  Either you become the interactive force of creation you were meant to be, or you default your power to another of choice and focus.  It matters not, for Life continues.  Yet as Love continues, realize there is a cosmos beckoning you to Life.

Choice is your alchemical tool.  You create within.  If you do not use your tools, creation continues for that is Life.  If you utilize your tools of creation, you begin to vitalize your external world with the vibration of your inner world.  You are the sun that shines the Light of your soul into the world.  Do not dim your choice for the shadow of another.  Be well with what is, for it is what has built into your now.  Observe with Love, Choose with Power.  Create.  Allow the waves of your preference to stir the still waters into motion.  Emotion.  Inner motion.  Move the world around you, Divine One.  Observe, choose and focus.

Your focus is a powerful YES! to Life, to Self, to the Collective that you are.  Focus is your commitment to the same, it is your action in the process of creation.  As you focus, you maintain a vibratory resonance of strength that allows Creation to respond, form to build and dissonance to align.  It is not a matter of overpowering, it is the power of matter forming.  Dissonance is merely that which has not yet settled into new form.  It can be perceived as bad or good based on your perspective.  Or you could just perceive it as change.  Your medias’ stories of circumstances are merely the moment’s new form beginning.  Utilize your focus, Powerful One.  It is your inner flowing outward into the world.  Smile it out, laugh it out, peace it out and when necessary, cry it out.  Just know that you are creating in each moment and either you take the action of focusing on what you create, or you allow the action of the focused ones to dominate.

Be bold and Love fearlessly when hatred would destroy.  Be bold and Love honestly when greed would deceive.  Be bold and Love blamelessly when war would divide.  Be bold and Love diligently when shame would push you away.  Be bold, Lightworker.  You were meant for storms.  There is no place where Angels fear to tread.

As we sit to Blast Bold Action, we are focusing the laser of our Love into a beacon of form.  We are Loving so intently that combat surrenders to the wisdom of global community.  We are blazing our Light of Love into the cosmos and aligning the force within to the Universal Flow of Life.  Love is the responsibility of those who Know it’s power.  We are unwavering in our focus of Love’s ability to create a world of interaction that benefits All Life.  There is a way.  It is you.  Blast on!

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