Lucas – Racing Towards Zero Time – 6 December 2012

Time's up

Time’s up (Photo credit: Tom Raftery)

It is awesome to see things moving into accelerated time in the counting toward zero. Yes, nothing,  Zilch, Nill, Nada. I see people still letting go of all the things in a faster way than ever and also those bumping their head in ego and ego and ego again till the message is understood. It is all played out as it needs to be and all is fine. People are now having in shortened time sequences the last ego bits and issues of duality on their plate to let go of.  The choice is to clean up or t0 get it all again, but now in a tougher version, on the same plate. 

The more you lose the more you gain is  seemingly the contradiction in this process.  The letting go will bring you to the point that you can connect to all that is. That is the abundance that is in all and is all, the source.  You tap in that via the key of unconditional love that is found in your  heart. Within you it is that you make the changes, and those will  bring you on the path of ascension.  You might not have been knowing your already on this course. Incoming energies and portals have been bringing in energies that brought your body up to scratch.

The changes in your body were needed to bring you to the point that the offer of  full activation on the 21st december 2012 to a ascended state is possible to accept. It is like music that shifts to another key.  It is sounding different and is  being felt differently.  It is not the same as before. The new state gives you access to more than you ever had let go of as being 3D ballast of duality.  The planet and universe are also going to shift to that new key. The 5D experience makes new things possible and old and forgotten talents and possibilities are also yours  as all is one.

Oneness in the world of Zero Time brings that what will be needed to a brand new exploration of what is and can be with our knowledge and experience we had in our past cycles of duality. The world to be is what you can feel as possibilities sprouting from unconditional love and the unity and oneness of all. There is still a bit of mystery what is behind that 21 december 2012 date en the end of time or Zero Time. But know that what is will be that what is for the best for all human kind, earth and our planetary universe. All is about love.

So whatever happens know you have still a bit of time left 15 days to get your clearing and cleaning process on the road. The ego minded people and those still attached to or clinging to or even chosing the dogma, pattern, belief system as that thing to hold on will have a hard time.  The Time is over to be connected to and in the old paradigm. The matrix is unveiled and will totally vanish.  Every day from now  you have a choice to be growing into the master you already are and will remember to be.

Also get your focus on the 12th december 2012 date and make on that day a positive contribution in manifesting the new earth and paradigm to be the highest possible 5 D creation outcome that will be activated on the 21st december 2012. We call for assistance of all masters of light, and all lightbeings  and humans to help and assist in this manifesting vision to be created. Be love in action and make unconditional love your new paradigm and your future heart seat in you. So be it and so it be done.

Love and Light,


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