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Ron Van Dyke – Oh, What An Open-Hearted Day For Me! – 6 December 2012

Uploaded on 6 December 2012 by In my entire   life I do not remember a day that my heart was as wide open as it was yesterday. I had the amazing opportunity to lecture in three college classes on the spirituality of right now; and then in the evening, 22 people gathered in my home for the Love Line with Margie. I felt so much love and it was absolutely amazing. Something else, too, was the dream I had when I went back to bed after doing yesterday’s video. I was watching TV and the newscasters were excited as they showed live pictures of lights in the sky lining up from horizon to horizon beaming light upon the earth. Yes, for me it was a day of Light, Love, Laughter and a celebration of Life.

The Vibrating Planet Into More Than It Was … A Talk – 6 December 2012

Uploaded on 5 December 2012 by SMIshroomery321 I Will do much more on this …just letting you all know … The dentist kicked my ass today so sorry if I am not on my game 😉

Waking Times – S. Ali Myers – How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – 6 December 2012

Flickr-Iceberg-Rita-Willaert-300x199What is the subconscious mind?  What does the subconscious mind do?  Your subconscious mind is your ultimate video, voice, and thought recorder.  From this lifetime and before, your subconscious mind has recorded everything that you’ve seen, heard, thought or experienced. Continue reading

Sophia Love – What is Agape? – 6 December 2012

6807301We are more than half way!  Each moment brings us closer to our goal.  Yesterday I was asked “What is agape?”  Not wanting to be too long winded, I said “It’s a special form of love – its unconditional love – It’s unconditional self-love.”  We don’t really have enough words in the English language. Continue reading

The Guardian – Letters : EU Knew Greece’s Figures Were Fiddled – 6 December 2012

greek-flagBoth the ruling of the EU general court, blocking an attempt by Bloomberg News to obtain European Central Bank files on how Greece hid the scale of its government debt, and your observation that “the ruling means European taxpayers … will not find out whether EU officials knew of irregularities in Greece’s national accounts before they became public in 2009” are surprising, to say the least (Facts on desperate attempt to hide extent of Greece’s debt stay secret, 30 November). Continue reading

ActivistPost – University Uses Tesla Technology To wirelessly Charge Electric Bus – 6 December 2012

Utah State University presented a first-of-its-kind electric bus that is charged through wireless charging technology in a demonstration Nov. 15.

Image source: Utah State University Continue reading

The GFP – Light Is Spirit – 6 December 2012

mountainsblueI’ve noticed two types of unconsciousness. The unconsciousness that doesn’t realize its unconscious and acts like it is conscious. This is the manic state. And the unconsciousness that realizes its unconscious and reacts with more unconsciousness. The is the depressed state. Every being that isn’t in touch with their True Self falls into one of these categories. Duality rules with confusion in illusion, while in Reality you certainly can’t experience anything as only having two sides. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – Lady Nada – Moving Into Cosmic Consciousness – 6 December 2012

ValerieDonnerNewDear Ground Crew:

First I want to thank all of you who prayed for me, sent me healing, tapes, contributions, kind words, energy, poetry and acknowledgement after I asked for your assistance in recovering from a devastating loss. I can’t tell you how grateful I am with your generous responses. You mean the world to me, ground crew. You are gifted, talented and amazing Lightworkers and I feel honored to be a part of the ground crew. Continue reading

OpEdNews – Rob Kall – Public Banking – The Linchpin To Reverse Centuries Of Privatization? – 6 December 2012

OpEdNewsTonight I went to a local meeting of the Public Banking Institute with Ellen Brown as the featured speaker. First, I joined the local organizers of the meeting, Brown and the director of the institute, Mark Armstrong.

The lecture and the conversations before and after really helped me connect some dots that tie together single payer health care, Naomi Klein’s Shock doctrine, tea partiers, bankrupt cities, global bankers like the Rothschilds, the class war and the war of the top-down powers against the bottom up revolution.  Continue reading

Zerohedge – Tyler Durden – Bombshell: Deutsche Bank Hid $12 Billion In Losses To Avoid A Government Bail-Out – 6 December 2012

ZeroHedgeForget the perfectly anticipated Greek (selective) default. This is the real deal. The FT just released a blockbuster that Europe’s most important and significant bank, Deutsche Bank, hid $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis, helping the bank avoid a government bail-out, according to three former bank employees who filed complaints to US regulators. US regulators, whose chief of enforcement currently was none other than the General Counsel of Deutsche Bank at the time! Continue reading