Sophia Love – What is Agape? – 6 December 2012

6807301We are more than half way!  Each moment brings us closer to our goal.  Yesterday I was asked “What is agape?”  Not wanting to be too long winded, I said “It’s a special form of love – its unconditional love – It’s unconditional self-love.”  We don’t really have enough words in the English language.

I think it is the Inuit who have many more words for love than the English.  Think about love – I love my cat, who is right now sleeping next to me.  I love my bird, who is incredibly trying to put his silver bell on his head.  I have four children whom I adore and a partner I am crazy about.  I have a mom who is the best mom ever, a brother who is my hero and the most amazing older sister.  In each case there is only one word.  None of these relationships feel the same and yet they are described using just the one word – love.  So what about agape?

What does unconditional actually mean?  Words like acceptance, freedom, allowing, cherish, respect all play a part.  Agape has no exceptions.  It is almost a forgetting.  Our Quest is searching for a tranquil mind.  If I have no worries or fears or judgments I am closer to agape.  It is a deep awareness of the sanctity of everything.  It is more than no blame or no judgment; it is a rejection of the entire process – the process of needing to decide the value of someone or something.

Because someone exists, they have worth and are deserving of every possible consideration.  There is never a reason for doubt or concern or the granting of merit, de-merit, or value.  Every system of judgment in place on the planet has been artificially installed to create separation and keep polarity in place.

Polarity is a lie.  You are lesser than no one.  We all answer to the same rules of life.  What’s true is unity.  What’s real is love.  Enlightenment is a realization of Agape.

We are One.  Love yourself without restriction and what happens is we all begin to look a whole lot better!  There will be no cause for decision making about reasons to love or hate.  You will engage in relationships with all of life as a process of loving; your cat will receive quite a different expression of affection than your Mom – yet each will know love.

Agape is the answer to every internal conflict.  It becomes your foundation and from there you’ll create our new world.  We are just about there.  Let go of judgment.  You’ll find only love remains.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

See you tomorrow,

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