Visionkeeper – The Joy And Fun Of Living.. – 6 December 2012

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When was the last time you had so much fun you just collapsed with exhaustion? Humans for the most part, don’t seem to spend enough time feeling joy and having fun. We have been conditioned for so long now to have worry and anxiety and to succumb to fear. This is not living, this is not the life creator intended us to live! Why have we settled for this way of life? It is time to shout ‘enough’ from the roof tops and engage in acts of fun and sheer joy.

It is time to find deep pleasure in waking up everyday. We may not have the perfect life, but we always have the choice to drown in it or make it what we want. It is time to be happy about who we are and what we do and what kind of life we have chosen for our self. It is always our choice how we live our lives. The dark ones want to see fear and dread and depression for us all, but it is time to say NO. We will be happy regardless of our circumstances. We will sing and dance and shout with joy if we so chose. There is so much to be thankful for, how can we not be happy? We were given one more day to live this morning upon rising from our slumber, we have a great deal to feel joy about if we just take time to think about it rather than wallowing in what we don’t have. See your glass as half full not half empty.

It is time to awaken and see how we have been played by the dark ones. Trained to believe we are less than we can be, told repeatedly we are lacking, we are defective in some way, we need drugs to survive, we need things to make us who we are in the world, we need status to define us. So many horrible messages we have had drummed into our heads on a daily basis. These are all lies and it is time to see them for what they are. We don’t need drugs and things to survive, or status to define who we are. We are amazing human beings on a journey to becoming even greater than what we are already. We are intelligent, and kind and compassionate if given half a chance and full of love if we can clear ourselves of hate. Creator has been waiting for the world to find its way through the fog of hate to being love on every level.

We are marching merrily along down the road to December 21st and will not allow anyone or anything to stop us from completing our task of bringing pure light and love to the world. In order for that light and love to be pure we must offer it from a place of joy, for joy is what we wish to see in our new world. If we wish to see love and light manifest we must BE love and light and be joyous in our lives. You cannot manifest loving changes for the new world from a dark place of fearful, unloving thoughts. Take time to look for joy, create joy, feel joy anyway you are able. Feeling happiness makes us healthy and being healthy makes us strong. If you have bad things going on in your life remember you have the choice to remain stuck in the bad or climb out and choose to see the good life has to offer. Nobody is making us feel bad about our life but ourselves.

So let us make it our mission to go down this 12/21/12 road together in joy! If we stay in our hearts it is far easier to feel joy and appreciate life and have fun! Be like the kitten in the picture and find something fun to do and do it until you drop. Laugh and be happy and share that joy with others.

Blessings to us all…

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