The Earth Allies – Breaking News – Another Victory For The Light – 7 December 2012

PicsIn_1321519708454Picture : Third Eye Bliss – Anna Lena Cilmi – ©

The Broadcast System which returns Mother Earth to Her Perfected Balanced Harmonics has Been Activated on the surface of Mother Earth. Now a  Broadcast System Message will Be Sent from the Center of the Magnetic field to All the Connected Open Portals around the Planet.

This will Occur On December 12th 2012 and December 21st 2012. This Broadcast System will release Light Information to assist in the Birth of the New Paradigm. When we achieved Balanced Harmonics at the Center, this Activated a Tone, which will Be Calling Each Beings Higher Selves. This Note is encoded into each beings DNA which Sends a Signal that The Moment has Come to Go Home. All Chakra Systems will be Aligning to this Broadcast Signal of Balanced Harmonics. What this is Accomplishing is a Web of Light, all Connected on the Surface of Mother Earth. All energies are Aligining together in Perfect Harmony to bring forth the close of this cycle and the Birth of the New Parqadigm. This Event is Inevitable on this Planet, and Has Begun. This is the Energy Activation We have been working towards that has Now been achieved. One=Won For the Light!

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