Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council ( Currently Working With The Earth Council) – 7 December 2012

pleiadiansGreetings, I am Mira.

We have been busy on the Earth Council working with the changing energies and major shifts occurring on the Earth and within the Earth. We monitor closely that which is happening and are always ready with back up plans. The Earth is becoming more unstable which means that alternatives are important. The Earth herself is feeling the same energies that you are feeling—everything is tenuous. What seemed like a strong foundation in the third dimension is no longer. There is a crumbling effect and unpredictability. This can feel unsettling to most which could account for humanities’ current state of insecurity.

The best advice we can give you right now is to be optimistic and confident that you will always know what to do regardless of what is happening around you or within your lives. This state of uncertainty is a part of rising consciousness and the massive changes that are happening on your planet. It forces one to have faith in Prime Source and to acknowledge that you will be looked after and cared for no matter what.

The energies of the 12-12-12 are vast and will allow for new entrance for many into the earth’s field for a myriad of reasons. There will be comings and goings through this gateway. Healing and huge energetic shifts that will affect the overall consciousness of the Earth will happen on 12-12-12 which will flow to 12-21-12 and thereafter.

There is nothing to fear about these major events. Being present is important. Listening and showing up are crucial. Breathing and focusing on what is going on around you is necessary. Quiet time will assist you in staying in touch with your inner guidance. Realize that these shifts are not being done to you but with you and will serve everyone one of you in the highest possible way.

As ground crew you have helped the Earth and life on the Earth reach this pivotal point. The planets, stars, sun, moon, and alignments have their role in the unfolding plan. All is orchestrated in accordance with the Creator’s guidance as a part of the Divine Plan.

You have accomplished more than we ever expected of you. Congratulations are in order. We have already begun our celebrations, for you were successful in your missions and still have a fabulous future ahead of you.

Stay connected to your hearts and to each other. This is what we ask of you. Know that you are a part of a complicated set of ascension energies that will continue for the next few years. Some will seem easy and others could be unsettling. Together we are a fine team of vastly gifted individuals who can and will do anything necessary to ensure the success for the future of the Earth and all of life on the Earth.

We love you and respect you.

I am Mira. link to original article

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