Andea – Allies Report Earth Allie: Mission Completed. New Earth Rising Into Heaven! – 8 December 2012

learning_to_fly_by_0985The incoming Energy is HIGH.

Did you ever consider flying with it?

For who said humans are trapped to the ground? Gravity?

There are ways to fly that go far beyond gravity!


Ascension has but one secret: surrender.

Surrender to Love, let Love take care of all the illusions that seemed real, let it wipe away all your thoughts till only One is left.

Surrender to your Self even if you have no clue of who you are… You already Know, just surrender.

Surrender to your Angels giving you over and over the same message.

Surrender to the Path you your Self have chosen.

Let go all the old sandbags making your flight heavy and unstable, they’re part of a past that does not exist.

Let go of any expectation of how flying will be… Live it!

These Energies feel High only because humans forgot what it feels like to fly.

But they’re incoming only for the cleaning so far, to help release and feel lighter, getting ready for the Real flight.

Getting accostumed to Your Self and your Trust in Your Self.

They are the forerunners of the “real stuff”!!

The Glow is yet to come!

Surrender to Love and congratulate yourself!!

You’ve done it!

And you’ve done it brilliantly!

You were born in the mud, got stuck in it, almost forgot your Self while trying hard to get out of it… and then suddenly rose to the stars!

For to get out of the mud… you need to surrender, and float!

And you remembered how to!

Now it’s just the last wipe to make your wings shine of bright Light, getting the old dust a nice bye bye, Love has Won -how could it be anything else? Love is all that Is. Even when it gets forgotten for some Moments, it still Is all that Is!

And you’re part of It. Part of the Love that Is all that Is. How was your journey into forgetfulness? Intense wasn’t it? Yep. Well, it’s over Now. Some last exercises to get Wings Full Open and then get ready. It does not matter where you’ll be, wherever you are Love’s Winds will come from above and below, from inside-out to All, they will tingle your Wings as long as you need it to REMEMBER!




En Joy your Flight Dear Ones.

Mission completed.

New Earth Rising into Heaven! link to original article


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