Eden – 2013 Shift : The Physical Body And Becoming Light – 8 December 2012

light_body3-310x150(Lucas: For the record the shift will take place 21 December 2012)

What is happening right now with all the shifts?

What you will be experiencing is a leap between the physical aspects of your being and that of becoming a true Being of Light, one who has a greater understanding and awareness of knowing and being in physical existence but of being more greatly aware of how you attract, connect to, and exist across other realms simply because you are and exist as such.  This is often the transition a soul makes upon death of the physical body, of having to come in to understanding of their existence beyond physical matter.

So how do we blend our physical existence with more Light?

As you come in to the earth realm, a physical body is manifested – created – using the key elements of the earth.  Your physical body is very much tied to the earth realm, for without many of the elements here it could not exist for very long.

The issue has been with the matter of density. In times past, in the millennia past, the density was more pure – more Light – in such away it made transition of consciousness in and out of the physical realm more easily accessible.  There are many frequencies we are not yet aware of that will be coming to us, but the density of our physical body has not been able to perceive or adequately align with these energies so we could use them.

As your physical body – its density – re-aligns with the new energies coming in, it is simply a matter of feeling lighter, freer, to move about as you need to.

At the cellular level of your physical body, the very nuclei or center matter of your cells is not dense – it is Light.  It is energy made manifest and in continual creation and change. It is wrapped in matter that is more dense, and continues outward in density until such time you reach your organs and skin, and then the process once again reverses and the aspects of your body become once again more light (the chakras, the auric field and so forth)

What is happening now is the transition of your cell nuclei into greater Light, a higher frequency and resonance that will radiate out to your other levels of physical matter.  All will become lighter, freer.  The body can’t help but adjust to what is coming from its center.  Do you understand this concept?

The center of your being – be it what you would refer to as your heart, the inner space of your heart, the inner space of your cells (nuclei), or what people seek when they go “inward”, is in fact an access point to all Light.  It is from within, not external, that someone finds access.  This is simply how the human form was created so that all Light could penetrate and be accessed, no matter the outside field.  It is self-generated from within.  This requires a much deeper understanding of universal laws and the concept of human design from the Creator.  But at this time we will tell you, your body is indeed a giant mechanism for holding light.  A channel so-to-speak.

So when a person chooses to access light from within, they are choosing to awaken or re-awaken the connection within their being that creates an access point.  This access point, once awakened, flows and informs other aspects of the physically dense body.  This is why, when someone holds fear, it is not truly coming from external sources (most of the time), but rather it is self-generated from the very access point of that which they are creating, and radiates out to the more physically dense matter of their bodies.  In this way, the cells, the organs, the blood, the tissues, and so forth resonate with the frequency of fear, and all in the external world is filtered in to the body through the frequency of fear. Their sense of perception is altered by the resonance they are carrying.

What is happening now is the reverse:

External energies are supporting an internal shift.  The external energies within the earth realm are finally shifting and evolving, they are lightening, so-to-speak, and a different frequency is penetrating the body for those are already self-generating from a place of openness, acceptance, love and other such harmonic frequencies.  This is why, for those who still hold fear and a closed consciousness, they are not able to receive these new codes to create a fundamental shift.  They must first do the work internally, to project from within the new patterns and consciousness they desire, which will open the gates (so-to-speak) for new energies to further transmute their very cells, their very DNA.   This internal work must come first, which is what so many have been doing.  You have been well prepared to shift from the inside out, while being more supported externally in all that you do.

This is why, as you come in to greater alignment (the internal and external), you are seeing a closer merging of realities whereby the resonance you hold is being reflected back more quickly.  What is made manifest when you are in your power.  That power is coming from your own self-generation and the Universe is now aligning on your behalf.  It is the support that you are open to receiving that is now of great help to your evolution.

Love & light,


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