Visionkeeper – Moving Forward – 8 December 2012

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This saying in the picture reveals so much other than just six words. Pools of sorrow so aptly describes itself. Pools of sorrow speaks to the stagnation of pools that are standing and not flowing freely.

When we were all firmly entrenched in 3D and sorrow hit home, were we not stuck in stagnation where movement seemed almost impossible and getting out of the sadness seemed insurmountable? The choice in the word pools is so expressive of what those moments were like. As for the waves of joy, well those three words speak for themselves as well. Waves plant a vision of free-flowing water rolling along to destinations unknown. A continual motion that never stops until it reaches its final destination. It speaks to freedom and movement. This short saying so clearly shows the transition between 3D and 5D, from captivity and no movement to freedom and expansion, to opportunity and all possibilities. Our waves are waves of light instead of water that flow along, gathering up 3D captives in the riptide and spitting them out on the shores of 5D to begin their lives anew.

It is time to choose freedom over captivity and allow ourselves to be swept up and away to a better world. Our life preservers are our trust and belief, it keeps us afloat in the midst of the turmoil and keeps us from drowning in hopelessness. If we believe in where we are being swept away to, then there is no fear in making the change and allowing ourselves to expand and become new beings. It is our choice to decide if we will drown in the pools or grab our surf boards and ride the waves to shore. We can view these changes with fear or excitement, that too is our choice. I personally enjoy the challenge and the unknown of what lies ahead so it was a no brainer for me which path I would take. Hopefully you all can embrace the excitement of this moment and place your trust in a higher power to deliver you safely to solid ground in the new world.

I will most likely be writing shorter posts for now as it is becoming very difficult to pull stuff out of my clogged brain at this time. So much is going on, so many changes taking place. I know for myself it is very difficult for me to read long posts as my brain just doesn’t want to take in any more information. I’m having information overload I guess. Perhaps you all are experiencing the same. So I will still post but many may be shorter but still deliver the same important message.

I do want to keep going here as best I can to meet up with 12/21/12 with all of my followers here. I also want to say that I feel 12-12-12 is also an important date to be aware of. It has power behind those matching numbers and I think we might consider honoring this day as well as the 21st. To me it feels like we internally connect all our dots on this day in preparation for 12-21-12. It feels like we have been in a state of constant upgrade for a while now and these upgrades will be complete on this date. Who knows for sure, I doubt anyone, but this is what I am feeling and I choose to honor this day. Once again I remind everybody about the Comparing Notes page located at the top of the home page if you wish to meet and share what you are experiencing in these times. It has been quite a ride so far and I am certain it will just get better.

Blessings to us all,

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