Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – What’s Next? – 9 December 2012

Whats-next-topimgGood morning, all of you!
I just read your article of December 2nd about conscious creations & I was wondering: I need to replace a large, expensive item & I have been planning to save enough money to do this but keep having to spend the money on other things before I get enough saved.  Am I doing this wrong?  Should I simply envision the item as whole & let the Universe provide the way?  I think this is what I should do, but I am still concerned (in the back of my mind) how to save the money.  I also would like to replace &/or acquire other large, expensive items so I change my mind several times a day about what I am going to spend my saved money on.  Am I sabotaging myself?  Can I get some practical guidance here?
tnx! Love your articles!

The key point to understanding your question is this thing that keeps itself in the back of your mind. It’s that little bit of self-doubt, that says “I really should save up the money anyway, just in case this conscious creation thing doesn’t work.” The Greater Part of you understands that you should see this item in it’s wholeness, already complete. If it’s a refrigerator you want, then you should see yourself moving the food around in there so you can wipe off and admire the shelves. In other words it’s not only present in your world, but it’s in use…it’s been with you for a while.

But in the back of your mind, (and that’s pretty much the actual location of it physically), a part of you is assessing the situation from physical terms only. That little part only has access and can only process information from physical sources. Its sees only the thin slice of life, whereas your Greater Self can see the wholeness, and recognize the vibrational presence of this large item, waiting to find it’s way into your experience.

So yes, you are sabotaging yourself in a way, through the belief that money must be part of the equation. From a physical perspective that is the way you, and others, have convinced yourselves that things must come.

You are also allowing yourself to rest in a place of need. Once you allow yourself to need something you are vibrationally at a disadvantage. And while that may be part of your physical reality, it should have no place in your imagination. Your Spirit can look into the vibrational vortex and see that you already have it. It is a vibrational reality simply waiting for the opportunity to punch in to physical form. You see and feel that vibrational reality with your imagination.

So we would cultivate this feeling instead when you think of such matters: How would I feel now if I already had, physically, all of those things that I want to replace or renew. What would I do with my money then?

That’s the real question to ask yourself to get to the vibrational place of allowing all those other things to come, you see. Say to yourself, “Now that the Universe has already delivered my new refrigerator, new car, new house, new boat, whatever shall I do with all this money I have leftover—that I didn’t and don’t need at all for those things. That lets the things off the hook of requiring money for delivery, and that let’s your money off the hook for providing those things. It’s the job of the Universe to provide you the things you create, not money. Poor little money—it doesn’t have a tenth of the power you have at your disposal. Seriously.

Give your money and yourself a much needed vacation from all this heavy lifting, at least in your imagination, and spend some time just having fun with it because the Universe has already met your needs.  “Before they even ask their prayers shall be answered” is a great place to go. If my prayers are already answered, what’s next?

Great Blessings
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