Lisa Gawlas – Rips In The Fabric Of Time Brings Soul Light Engorgement To The Cellular Bodies! – 9 December 2012

light-infusionHoly changing world batman!  The inside, the outside, the downside and the upside!!  Everything about life is in major change.  I knew when I was finally able to read again, the field would be different, but holy cow, this is like nothing I have ever seen or felt before.  But, before I share all that, let me back up to something I  glimpsed several days ago.

I think my “vision” is so accustomed to being “on” in the morning that even tho I was completely down for a week, in the mornings I would get glimpses of… something.  The last glimpse I got was a darkened veil that hung in my living room with what looked like 5 tears in this veil.  3 on the upper part, 2 just beneath the three.  These slits were slightly open and had this like white froth or fuzz around it.  Of course, my forever burning question is “What the hell is that!”  My team promptly replied with “it is tears in the time/space continuum.  Keeping in mind, they did put “time” before the word space and I knew it had everything to do with the altering/opening of time…somehow.  But I got no more clearer information than that.  That is… until yesterday.

I know I have said this sooo many times before, but I have to say it again.  YOU are such an intricate part of this puzzle called life in change.  Your soul, your Light field holds secrets that can only be revealed thru YOU!  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that YOU reveal your secrets (that really aren’t secret at all) to all of us thru the field that I read from.

My first lady of the day filled in all the questions I have had in regards to the “tears in time.”  There she was, millions of sparkling diamonds set up against what I call the gel-like protective dome of energy over the inner field.  But the color was changing in relationship to her intense and multiple radiance.  Equally, I could see what I can only call a wrinkle in that gel-like substance too.  I realized she had just come thru this rip in time and with that, she brought in much more of her pure soul energy.  I started to understand that this was the 2nd rip she came thru since December started.  She had 3 more to go thru before we complete December.  I also understood that those aligned with the high frequency of what I call the “inner field” will have 5 enhancements to go thru as well.  Everyone is set up in their own timing.  These enhancements have nothing to do with the big global things everyone looks at like the 12:12:12 or the dateline of 12/21/12.  Those datelines are for all of earth and so beyond earth too.  However, you are being prepared to withstand the intense energy of those dates!!

I didn’t even realize until this morning as I put all 4 readings pieces together from yesterday how significant the 3 above and 2 below rips in time are.  Again, everything is designed according to your own personal movement thru this earth and the galaxies that surround this earth.  There is no such thing as ahead or behind, the ONLY thing that matters is that you are housed in the inner field of life.  Cuz that is really where the party is!! (smile)

So my diamond light lady was in her second tear of time, upgrading (so to speak) her biology with higher, more radiant pure soul energy.  My second lady of the day just completed (or at least went thru) rip number three.

She was set up on the ground, well, what I orient as the ground.  Except the ground was no longer solid nor liquid.  It is as if the dirt and the water became one and was moving… changing, even beneath her emerging form.  How I had seen her was amazing, simple and complex all at once.  All I could feel (but not see) was the energy of a snake, a yellow gold snake of energy spiraling upwards.  But there was nothing that made it look like a snake.  I found an image on the net that comes close (minus the color itself.. she was not green, but yellow gold)

spiral energy


The closer my vision and somehow now… even my understanding, got to her, the more I realized what is happening thru this massive… geez… addition to our biology thru the tears in time as we move thru this crazy month called December… her skin is now housed with her pure essence… her Kundalini energy.  This is why I had such a feeling of it being a snake… yet, its not a snake at all.  It is the new clothes of her Being… no longer balled up on the inside hoping to have a slide thru her core, she is now Become That in every cell of her body.

This is where we really need to step out of our old understandings of ourselves, if we are going to use what we have worked so hard to achieve within our energy field.  YOU are  becoming the Kundalini of Life… outwardly.  Talk about revving up all the motors of life just by your presence!!

I was also able to see the relationship with her spiral form embedding itself into the new earth and the changes that are taking place thru out all of time and space (if you will.)    The remaining to cellular engorgement of soul energy thru the rips will completely fill out her form and create the energetic movement of her ALL.

I know I don’t have to tell you, December is HUGE!!!  Ain’t no wonder I needed to park my ass on the couch for a week… There is no way I can fully go thru my own inner changes while constantly peeping yours.  I so get that now!!  For all those who have graciously rescheduled this last week (plus)… thank you from the depth of my soul cells!!

My beautiful second lady helped me to really understand why I had what seemed like an out of place run in with my own kundalini energy… it actually happened twice this past week.  It seemed so utterly out of place in my healing body… yet… that engine was revving like it was ready to take off!!

Now my beautiful lady asked a question that really tripped my trigger on soooo many levels.  The change, the outflow of high vibrational seed energy we are emitting in simply Being.  It is so incredibly humbling to see this, to know this…

She asked about her husband.  The good news for her, he was standing on the same earth as her.  I have seen so many spouses or family members not only in the outer band of energy but dropped down many frequencies to a very different vibrational earth.  Her husband was on this earth, just in what I will call the outer field (in the area people still have boxed in concepts of Life.)  What really sparked my interest was how the dome of energy changed itself to fit how he seen his wife.

There he was, hands on what looked like prison bars (but is really the gel-like dome of protective energy) looking at his wife with a perplexed expression on his face.  Like, no matter what (in that moment) he just doesn’t get what she represents and talks about.  His (still) limited thinking has created the bars that keep him from the very thing he wants more than anything… to live fully in her space, in her way of Being in life.

So here I am looking at him with his face pushed thru a space in the bars, each hand gripping onto one of the bars that seemed to separate his energy field from hers and when she talks or shares with him… OMG it was crazy to see… the heat coming out of his hands turned the bars a glowing red.  Anytime someones vibration increases, it creates heat and his was heating up thru her exchange with him that the bars of his perceived separation glowed as if lit on fire.  The goal is to keep the vibration high.. but the intermittentness of this exchange was serving a purpose.  Each time those bars heated up, they became less restrictive.  Her soul had said as she acquires the rest of her “skin” she will know how to raise his vibration and keep him at that level… releasing the bars of his perception and allowing him to fully merge into her field of wonder!!

But!!!  If that wasn’t exciting enough… suddenly I seen the whole collective consciousness that resonates at the frequency of her husband.  Curious but still perceptually limited.  Thru her work with her husband, was also releasing all that energy into the collective to melt everyone’s bars!!

I have got to bring this back to… you do not always fully realize the enormity of what you are doing when it seems you are doing it with just one person or one thing.  The whole world is affected by YOU.

Then she asked yet another question that until this morning, I really didn’t get the fuller understanding of.  She asked about her dad who recently had a stroke.   He was immediately in the same field as her husband but about 10-15 feet behind her husband, set up in the old timey wooden school desks:

school desk

It was all one connected piece of desk, which really represented our whole connectedness in oneness.  He was back in school, which is what his stroke served for his soul.  I seen him leaning forward over the front of the desk, watching, listening with attentiveness.  He was not making a move to get out of his desk, but his soul needed a way to hit him down, in a seat, where he would listen instead of talk!

We humans sure can talk ourselves into and out of anything.  Listening is a priceless skill!  Deep inner listening and observing.

Very much like the timeliness of this surgery, I would have been looking and listening to you instead of undergoing my own much needed cellular engorgement of Light.  Our souls do have a way of making sure we get what we need, even if it is in complete contrast to what we want!!  His soul needs him to be a student in this phase of the game.  It allows his own cellular energy to move ahead (raise in vibration) within this game of every changing Life!!

I was hoping to have the time to share all four readings today, but, my lazy butt woke up late… again, and my day of readings have started in earnest, for which, i am so so grateful!!  If feels soooo good to feel your Light and story in me again!!

I love you sooooo, sooooo much, which is really starting to sound redundant when I type it out… but I promise you, your grow bigger and fuller in my heart and soul each and ever day!!  And then some!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of loving gratitude to All You do All the Time!!  (wink)

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