Ron Van Dyke – Many Heroes Have Procured Our Freedom – 9 December 2012

Uploaded on 9 December 2012 by Some people, when they think of the heroes that procure freedom for everyone else, may think of soldiers on the battlefields of endless wars. To me, all war has ever done is maintain the status quo of fraud and deception, since virtually no wars have ever really been about what we have been told. As the famous US Marine General, Smedley Butler, once said, then wrote about it in a book: War Is a Racket. Indeed, and the real heroes, to me, are those that expose that racket, allowing anyone who chooses: to see the men behind the curtain. Yesterday, I listened to some of David Icke in his 2010 lecture: The Lion Sleeps No More; and I also heard Santos Bonacci talk about astro-theology, revealing more of how things really work in this world. I won’t even attempt to name all of the many heroes I know about, men and women that have encouraged me on my personal journey of spiritual discovery. What I would like to recommend is that each of us take some time to ponder those that have helped us become more liberated from the matrix of lies; and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for their courage, often revealing unpopular truths that expose conspiracies.

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