Visionkeeper – We Are The Answer… – 10 December 2012

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The road to awakening has been long and often times difficult, especially for those warriors that began this journey many years ago. For them it has been an endless learning process, nose stuck in a hundred spiritual books looking for answers and where to go next. It is time now to let the books of wisdom fly away and for each of us to realize we have the answers and the road map within our hearts. You really can’t read your way into a new way of being, it takes action, walking the talk and listening within ourselves for the answers. Just like we had to learn things the ‘Hard Way’ to get the lessons being offered, we also now must realize everything we need to know lies within each of us and it is time to be looking within not looking outward for the direction to go in.

The spiritual books laid the ground work for where we are today. The older warriors who read until their eyes crossed were needed then to begin to find the way forward for this shift in our consciousness. Their knowledge has been invaluable, but it is now time to set the books aside. The path has been laid out for everyone to follow, the hard work has been done, now we must just be willing to do our own inner work and be the change ourselves. All change begins with each of us individually, our own lives must change first before we can try to reach out and change what needs changing around us. This was the hidden message the old warriors discovered on their journey and passed along to us. Do your own work first!

I have read hundreds of books in my day, I was one of those warriors that read until my eyes crossed. I read until I couldn’t take in any more information. Shortly thereafter I realized that the whole journey and gobs of information could all be compressed into one small compartment. A compartment for being joyful, living from my heart, being love and being compassionate to all others, both man and beast. For years along my journey I would hear the familiar phrase ” the answers lie within”.  Now I understand the true meaning of that simple phrase. All the change we wish to see must come through us by going within. So now we know and it is time to put what we have learned to good use. Humanity and the world needs us, it is time to make our changes and open our hearts to love and reach out to others in need!

It is time to end the third world countries. All countries should be equal, no child should starve or be without an education, clothes, and a roof over their head. It is time to stop the gluttony of rich countries wallowing in their riches to the point of not appreciating them while others have nothing. It is time to stop allowing these actions to continue, it is time to stop being silent. I have great hope for humanity because basically we all want to be happy and healthy and have peace. We are beginning to become more sensitive to these desires now and we are wanting to reach out and help those in need. It is time to take this desire out of our minds and manifest it into action. We must be the change and the time has come to do this! We are the answer…

Blessings to us all,

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