Méline Lafont – My Ascension Experience – 11 December 2012

ascendingDear readers, friends and star family that I have come to know through my blog and elsewhere … I am grateful  to have found all of you during my mission and on my path in this Earthly incarnation. Thank you for this, I really love everyone!! ♥

Given the large shifts in the Ascension process that are standing at your door and because everyone is posing the questions of  “what Ascension is?”, “how would it be?” ,  “what should be expected of it?”, and other countless questions, I wanted to share this personal experience with my process of Ascension so far. I do not know the answer to the questions for certain, but what I do know is how Ascension is for me and how I already have experienced it now several times. I therefore wish to share about my experiences here  with you all, in the hopes that it can offer a better look at all of this. Keep in mind that this is a personal experience for me and this is my feeling and interpretation explained and therefore it may vary with your own process.

It all began in May 2012 just before the alignment with our Earth and the Pleiades. Since I myself am originating from Alcyone, I have experienced this alignment very intensely and I had somewhere  been feeling  a great sense that I could expect something big happening to me  that night(European time).  On that eve I was keeping my daily conversations with my team and I noticed that there was a lot of activity in my room and lots of flashes and Light Beings were present around me. I even had a sense of transhipment of refined energy in my room and felt a little dizzy.

I felt very nervous, not knowing what would happen but I had a hunch, somewhere deep in my subconsciousness. I started my conversation with Archangel Michael, as I always do, and asked him the question who else was present around me. Michael began to share a very summary of names of Light Beings, making it very clear why my room looked like a disco light of all the different presences and why I felt a little dizzy by the huge number of elevated and refined energies in my room.

It became clear to me that something was afoot because I felt very nervous and asked  Michael why I had the honor of being visited by so many simultaneously. First, something seemed to have slipped out from Michael’s message what wasn’t allowed to be known; he told me that I knew well enough what awaited me and that I would ascend that night. But soon this seemed not to have been the intention to share it with me. Afterwards Michael was silent as a tomb when I asked  anything else about this.

Now you must know that at that time I had quite a fear of the unknown, even though I was anxiously looking forward to this. After these experiences, this fear for the unknown was  completely gone!

I went to sleep and set my alarmclock to be awakened at 04h in the night to meditate on the climax of this alignment with my home Alcyone. I seemed to be asleep deeply, but I woke up by my alarmclock, I found myself in a very strange way and in an awkward position, which I would never position myself in and certainly not in that way. Something seemed to be changed to my clothes and it was very clear to me that something had happened to my physical body.

I noticed that my heart  felt really tired and  I felt as if I had done like a 1000 things at once, especially physical ones then. The next day I’m having a conversation with my team and they shared with me what this was, it was my first Ascension that I had experienced in this life. It required a lot from the physical body and the step from 3D to 5D is the most difficult, because of the physical aspect, and I felt this was due to my extreme fatigue at that time.

But I had gone through the portal with this body of mine and then came back. This whole trip was very tiring but necessary, it would just become more easier and I would do this on a more conscious way the following times according to my team.

Is there one more time? Why am I still here? Why does everything look the same, including myself?” Numerous questions I had and I felt a sense of disappointment because this was definitely not what I had imagined about Ascension, and I absolutely wanted to leave this type of world! My team told me that although I was an Ascended Lady Master in incarnation, I would Ascend every time during the upcoming portals and come back until I had achieved my original state of consciousness . This Ascending  through the gate, and returning is necessary for Mother Earth and humanity in order to assist all in bringing  all back into a higher vibration by Ascending  every time. The return is due to my mission on earth which I am now fulfilling.

I have felt myself Ascending several times and coming back; my team was right, it went easier every single  time and I was more aware of this process. My first Ascension from 3D to 5D was in my sleep in an unconscious way, and also my second Ascension was during my sleep from 5D to 6D during the Venus Transit in June. My first experience in a  more conscious way was during a conversation with Saint Germain; I suddenly felt a small shock through my body like something flashed through me and suddenly I got the message that I just had ascended to the 8D of consciousness.

It seemed unreal and difficult to understand, but it was very clear that something had just  happened and it felt good! I remember that I said to myself; this is not so bad at all! My fear of the unknown was instantly gone. The time following was that of Ascending from 8D to 10D, it was a few days later and was the same way as the first conscious one, and this happened whenever I was busy with something, as if they wanted to distract me for it☺ But I was then most receptive for this ..

My most recent Ascension was the most special and conscious one, I must say. This I will never forget! I was on the phone with a friend while walking around with my baby on the arm rattling and rattling , until at one point I felt a great shock through me, and this was accompanied by a flash of a specific color. This happened all at once, but before my mind could include this, place this or seemed to realize this, it looked like this was happening in steps but it was clearly all happening simultaneously! You cannot realize this fully, I could not follow this.

After that shock and flash I felt I was still walking around and rattling as if nothing had happened, but I felt that this was quite the opposite. At that same time my friend called my name on  the phone several times and told me that the line was interrupted and I was gone for about 30 seconds. She told me that she had  to call back to get me back to connect with her and then had immediately a connection with me without hearing a ringtone, I was just continuing my conversation as it seems.

My hair stood straight up on my arms and I had goosebumps all over my body. I realized that this clearly happened and everything fell back into its fold. To me it seemed that I was away during the flash and came back,(like a ‘beam me up Scotty’ scenario) and I just continued with what I was doing as if nothing had happened, but feeling and knowing at the same time that this was not so .. but I tried to contain this and that took a while before I could understand. It seemed as if the world stood still and was put on pause to just reactivate it afterwoods.

This was an experience that was very consciously done but which is difficult to describe.  This went so easily as if it was nothing. Afterwards, my team and my twin flame shared with me that I had ascended to the 12thD and achieved my own natural consciousness and therefore I enjoyed  an amalgamation with my twin flame (this declared the color of the flash). Of course, I was still expected here on Earth and this also was a process to lend assistance for Mother Earth.

Since then I always find myself in a conscious way going through the portals, and I feel myself transforming from a physical body to an energy and right back to a form. So one evening in bed,  I started to feel myself  floating and I felt myself in another state while  I was still in bed, but at the same time I traveled to another world and consciousness. I saw me going through a gate and tunnel, and the eye of Horus presented itself to me as a portal. I remember  myself traveling to a past life where I met myself in an  incarnation and actually talked to myself, I recognized myself and experienced  an incredible experience during this trip ..

I must say that I was always disappointed, that despite these Ascension processes and elevated states of consciousness, I was still to be here and to see the world the same way and in the same form. I did not understand it well myself, but I must say that I felt very clearly a difference in me, each time after the ascension process and this difference was felt in my heart, in my being and in my energy. This changed my whole world and I’m completely changed and no longer recognizable to some friends of mine.

Everything that has ever fascinated me, doesn’t fascinate me anymore. I see the world  in a completely different way now from a different perspective that is more relaxed and loving. I suddenly know what I want and who I am, what I am and that nothing can stop me because I’ve never been more sure and have never been so determined. Because of that, my world and myself really started beginning to change and they no longer appear as before.

What is difficult is that I find myself struggling every time that I came back again and that it was very difficult to adapt again to these lower energies on Earth. So I could not even tolerate some people anymore nor even look them in the eye, everything was too low and had become disruptive to me what made my current life  not so easy, and it still is at times. I feel more and more as a loner who longs for silence and wants nobody around me beside of myself and souls whom are on the same wavelength and are having the same experience. I feel more supported and tend to go inside and stay there, because it feels good!

That’s what my Ascension means to me and how I have experienced it on a personal level. In my opinion, and this is what I think but do not know, everything around us will change only when each individual will take care for his/her personal causes and Ascension, whereby the collective will finally be able to shift into another world. Ultimately this world is a form and creation of our collective thinking and as each individual changes his/her mind and his/her world in all Love, the collective of humanity can shift and YOU are the assistance here!

With much love and gratitude forever, Meline ♥

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