Nancy Tate – Horus – 11 December 2012


It is time now for a reconnoitering of the energies of the times. When we came to this one on this morn we did so with a great deal of flurry. We came with the idea that it was time to get a message out to the people and to then stand in readiness to be of service for all of you who cared to ask.

It has changed now, since this is once again a changing energy and what was once to be an issue got resolved in a matter of seconds. It is a matter of the circumstances coming to a head and being taken care of by the enchanted idea of the moment. That is why the circumstances changed, as well, for this one, and she no longer felt the urgency to receive the message at the time.

This is an example, dear ones, of the way it has been for some time, and how it will continue to be exponentially for the rest of this merging into the next dimensionality. We will all see the first incarnation of the new world, and in using the word incarnation I do so because it is the closest that this one can come to what I am conveying to her.

That is because this is one step in the deliverance of the new energies that are being created. It is time now for you all to see how the language of the 3rd and 4th density is also evolving. It is a matter of being able to use your own idea of what is being conveyed and what is being taken into consideration in the moment.

We come to the segment of this message in which I will tell you what has come about that I was going to ask you to attend to. It has already come to pass and that is because you are all so ready to come to the insider’s views and communications that you already ‘read my mind’ so to speak, and gave your energy to the compliance that was in harmony with you and the situation that was at hand. You were able on a soul level to know what the situation was of which I was thinking and then brought it into compliance with your desire and the intention of all who are based in the Love energy.

This situation I speak of was in line with what has already come to pass, and that was to do with the ones who on the planet have sought, through their control, for their own individual ideas to come to pass. They have been doing this despite the consideration that there is a whole body of creation that is in harmony and that their ideas do not fit into that harmonic balance. What took place is that upon your being able to sense my thoughts, through my intent for this message to convey it, you were able to surpass time and take care of it in the instant of recognition of the harmonic energy that was prevalent.

Those ones who have long taken the lead on this planet and overridden the energy of Love and harmony, are now out of place in the emergence of the whole. They are seeking to find their own coming together with themselves. They realize that they are no longer in power and that all of those people whom they have had control over, are no longer being manipulated by them as much as they were. Though there are those on the planet who still are in keeping with the old energy of those power seekers, there are enough people who have found their power and taken it back. They are standing in the Love energy and sending it back to those who at one time held the control over them. It is that love that these people send to the former controllers that has made the turn-around so complete for them.

I tell you this to demonstrate to you my acknowledgement of your power and of the ability that you have to walk in that power even more. You are rising from that energy of remission to that of taking back the ability to create your world in a way that not only suits you, but also suits the Oneness that you all are. You are being and living the example of what it means to live the Love that is at the core of your beingness. What a wonderful reunion this is with the Creator.

As you go further in this undertaking, you will see more and more what you are able to do. You will realize that in tune with the energies of the Creator you are finding more and more what it is that makes the difference in how to manifest that which you desire. As this grows exponentially, and you tune into what you feel in any moment and honor it for what it is giving you, you will find that you are communicating on a level that is in keeping with your original energy of the seed of creation. You are the conveyers of your creations! You will see that more and more in your lives and your realizations as the moments bring you the energetic gifts of knowledge and empowerment.

I go now and thank you for the gifts you give to all of us. We who are watching you and marveling in what we are seeing, are here for you to visit with. We will lend a hand in any way you ask us, and we welcome you back to our world at any moment.  Glory to all of you! Your Power in Love abounds!

Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate link to original article


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