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Visionkeeper – 12-12-12 Is Upon Is… – 11 December 2012

amor-amore-amour-color-colors-favim-com-240502(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

The wait continues, each passing day bringing a bit more anticipation and wonder. We have December 12 to go through first. A day of final adjustments in preparation for 12-21-12. Continue reading

Patricia Cota-Robles – What Should We Expect December 12 & Dec. 21-22, 2012? – 11 December 2012

PatriciaDecember 12, 2012, 12:12:12, and December 21-22, 2012 are dates we have been hearing about for decades. Since Harmonic Convergence, which took place August 15-17, 1987 people have intuitively sensed the importance of this moment in time, and predicted everything under the Sun. Speculation has run the gamut including everything from the end of the world to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth. But what should we realistically expect? Continue reading

Sal Parisi – The Matrix Of Existence 2012 – I Am – 11 December 2012

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Natalie Glasson – Love And Blessing Are Bestowed On You In Celebration Of 12/12/12 – 11 December 2012

Natalie_Glasson_Twelve_Rays-130x230May your day be filled with many beautiful Creator realisations and an abundance of Creator love.

At this sacred moment of ascension it is your personal experience of ascension that is mostimportant and valuable to you. Your experiences of the 12/12/12 energies as they anchor into your being and the Earth and activate from within you are unique and  personal to you. We can sharewith you what is occurring but it is  your experience of the energy that is most precious and that will remain with you always. So do not be fearful of allowing yourself to  fully commit toexperiencing and accepting the energies, allowing for  beautiful realisations to unfold. Allow allexpectations to fall  away and let yourself BE in the energies. Continue reading

John Ward – Royal Nurse’s Suicide: Is There Something We’re Not Being Told Here? – 11 December 2012

John WardThe Slog asks what many of us may be thinking: was Jacintha Saldanha corporately abused after the hoax call?

This may be yet another of those posts that leaves people baffled by my apparent heartlessness, but I need to ask a question:

Why did King Edward VII’s Hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha feel the need to kill herself?

She obviously felt humiliated by falling for the Aussie radio station 2Day FM’s prank, but was it really something worth getting suicidal about? Continue reading

Sophia Love – Message For 12/12/12 – 11 December 2012

2788058(Lucas:  the world is light, humanity is light, all of them are just the created illusion of darkness is appearing if you let it appear in your mind and be played by your ego. Your heart can not live the illusion of darkness, emptiness, duality  and be in a veil as it is light, unconditional love , oneness and unity. Go within and be part on the new paradigm.)

The Forces of One have a message for us – we have chosen freedom!  On 12.12.12 Mother Earth will speak to us, letting us know that she has heard us!

The conversation with the “off world being” from the Forces of One is summarized here, from April – December 2012; the final comment is at the end.  Continue reading

The Guardian – Ian Traynor And John Hooper – Monti Resignation Causes Fears Of Renewed Euro Turbulence – 11 December 2012

mariomonti(Picture Mario Monti)

News sees Italy’s borrowing costs rise and share prices fall, and EU leaders worry about possible spillover into Spain

European leaders watched Italy with a mounting sense of alarm yesterday as renewed political turbulence threatened to end months of relative calm over the euro and spill over into Spain. Continue reading

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – PACHAMAMA About12.12.12 And 21.12.12 – 11 December 2012

Pacha Mamma3Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

VIDEO (recommended)
PACHAMAMA  about the Ascension Process:

She began to talk to me while I was contacting my guides to receive directions for the coming and most awaited December events. I know that she is already a long time with me, but never came forward and I felt she had the knowledge of a Mayan Elder. So she said she is PachaMama *, and that she is in deed one of my guides. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytre And The Mothership – Part 13 – Mytre’s Experiences Of Ascension – Part 1 – Accepting The Light – 11 December 2012

IncomingLightWhen the Arcturian said, ”Follow me. There is something you need to see,” there was actually a felling of excitement and even wonder that radiated from it’s Being. Was there anything that was a novel experience for an Arcturian?

“This is!” the Arcturian responded to my unasked question. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Bank Of England Warns Of Global Currency Wars – 11 December 2012

mish-image-15%(Lucas : Again after John Ward’s Article a case of fearmongeing. Just see those articles as examples what is still playing out on earth.)

By the time central banks warn about something, the practice has likely been going on for years. Today’s case in point is BoE’s King warns of growing currency competition Continue reading