Shekina Rose – Blue Ray – Psychic Attack Planetary Alert & Blue Ray Archangel Michael Master Ascension Clearing – 11 December 2012

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As the 12:12:12 gateway brings intense energies of purification, many of you will experience the final stages of rebirth. Remember, YOU ARE ASCENDING. This is what you have been internally waiting for, the cosmic gateway alignment that brings your liberation right before rebirth. The final phase can be the most challenging as you become the crystalline exalted angelic human.

Many will experience psychic attacks or what appears to be, as the 4th dimension is collapsing into the 3rd dimensional reality. This is creating a magnified intensity wave of encroaching vibrations for the release of negative counter energies to the Light, karma and healing for the upcoming 12:12:12 and Dec 21st galactic gateways. Know the 5th to the 12th higher dimensions are also becoming more apparent and merged in the 3rd dimension. This can counteract the intensity of lower dense energies to higher angelic vibrations from the Light Ships that will activate your ancient spiritual gifts.

It is extra important now to be aware and fully present in your body consciousness to discern what you expose your energies to. As your cells of Light are being activated to the angelic crystallized human, your Divine Original Blueprint, you will go through times of heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. And at the same time there is increased purification and mass consciousness clearing. Do what is necessary to protect, Love and nurture yourself during these times.What is psychic attack?

The projection and intent of negative energies, conscious or unconscious, to inflict harm upon you.Attacks from your own nature, thought form release feels like psychic attack.The 4th Dimension Collapsing is increasing the purification of your energy bodies where you are addressing your own creations and releasing deep outmoded thought forms and emotions. Sometimes it can feel like a physic attack; this can also occur if you are a Blue Ray Transmuter as when you go into an area where thought forms or spirits need release.

What happens is they see your Light and are wishing for release; if this occurs, open a portal of divine Light to Source and send them in Love and compassion, and in no entanglements or attachments. You can also ask the Holy Spirit Christ Light and the angels to take them.Make sure before you open a portal that you are in divine alignment. You can put yourself in an angelic Light portal of sacred geometry, call on an archangel chamber of Love-Light-healing and protection first.

If this is happening to you then it is more than likely you are a Blue Ray Transmuter and this is part of your spiritual purpose innate within you. 13Symptoms of psyche attack, entity attachment and / or that your energy field is too open and exposed:(Note: You may want to consider consulting a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension; and though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.)

Jealousy and envy directed toward youThoughts and feelings that come out of nowhere of dread and negativityLike you just stepped into a dark energetic vibrationBeing with someone or somewhere where you feel your life force is being drainedSudden anxietyNot feeling yourselfBad dreamsWanting to argue or defend yourself when you are usually not like thatUnable to concentrateBeing scattered / unable to complete daily tasksLow energy and depression; take notice especially, empath supersensitives, that you do not have lost souls and spirits in your field; get clearedSuddenly doubting your path and soul’s purpose; be aware when you feel this way after watching certain movies or TV shows and with certain people

Psychic Protection and Important to Remember 4th Dimension Collapsing

In the past it was easier to keep blocking old emotions and traumas, separation from spirit; now the crystalline sound frequency is so high it is breaking the karmic collective from your bodies and systems. And many times you are vibrating at such a divine frequency of Light that you activate the fear and wounded nature in others without your knowing and their unhealed parts can attack you.Remember to not get into entanglements and attachments with others who are projecting and saying negativity toward you. By engaging in negativity with them or thinking it, you are allowing yourself to be involved in their entanglement that can allow cords to attach to you.What you can do. Say aloud or to yourself: “At the highest point where my soul met God at the point of Creation, I release you in peace, I return our connection to the most benevolent cause and highest divine plan of Love and Light. Thank you.”

Earth Shift 12:12:12 Gateway Take Note

Keep your aura and energy fields strong and healthy. It is more difficult to penetrate any type of aura that is strong in the Light and Love frequency and resonating to your core signature vibration.

  • If you have an addiction, get it healed and cleared as this is an open door for negative energies and entities.Become even more empowered in trusting yourself and in your body awareness of knowing when to react and when to let go. Part of your healing and karmic release will be when to speak up in clarity and other times to walk away from conflict.
  • Stay away from negative environments and people.
  • Keep your thoughts positive and do not judge yourself when you don’t; forgive yourself and move on. Say often, “I Love myself, thank You God, I let it go.”
  • Daily basis and throughout the day, say empowering intentions, prayers, positive thoughts and affirmations.
  • Be Love, project Love to all life; put yourself in Christ’s Heart-Love bubble.
  • Merge with your Christ self and ask for the Rose Ray of Creation to hold your divine original blueprint in complete integrity.
  • Staying in divine alignment assures you are in your body, in present time, and all your parts are working as a team for your highest good. Ask your higher self to put you in divine alignment.
  • Very important to laugh and play. Joy is an instant healer as are higher divine sound frequencies and music.
  • Mutated, harmed animals and products may now cause a negative reaction within you like a psychic attack and / or may cause you to be depressed or anxious.

12:12:12 Blue Ray Archangel Michael Master Ascension Clearing Codes

“Power of the Blue Ray, Archangel Michael, please bring ascension upgrades of sovereign Grace and Master Healing Clearing through my I Am Presence now; Sacred Rose Ray, hold me in complete energetic integrity of my Divine Original Blueprint and in divine alignment in perfect divine timing;
Violet Fire, consume and transmute all not of God’s desires.”Clearing DNA Genetic Soul Reversals in the BodyTouch God Code points of 3rd eye and higher heart to make divine alignment and say, “I come into divine alignment with my soul now.”Touch Gaia point which is at solar plexus and 3rd eye till energy shifts“Clear and transcend to Light all attachments, entanglements, reversals, emotions, all frequencies and energies. “Clear all lingering savior, victim martyr roles, crucifixion codes, revenge, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness, all frequencies and energies.”

Breathe deeply to let go, and hold points till energy shifts. “Strengthen my alliance to the greatest benevolent right action of my I Am, perfect well being and highest divine plan of Love and Light now!”Both hands at higher heart“Whatever and wherever in me that is still holding on, attached, in fear, in illusion, in an illusionary dream to this situation, person or place, in any time space, realm, other existences, parallel universes, reality, known or unknown, I acknowledge, Love, forgive, honor, release, transcend, transmute all not of the divine Love of my higher self soul essence now.

Energy drains, psychic leaks, psychic cords, all cords and ties, sub personalities, unloved parts, unresolved issues, lingering pain, confusion, trauma, trapped parts, unfinished karma, contracts, vows, oaths, I let them go, fully released in Supreme Divine Love completely to Source God Creation never to return to me in this way again.”Breathe“Beloved Archangel Michael, Power of the Blue Ray, God, clear all attachments, entities, spirit attachments, thought forms, negative belief systems, all remnants and remains, cellular DNA, with special teams of angelic Light, and take all living humans and any beings of any kind who would intend to do me harm, drain and take my energy.

Please find all lost spirits of any kind around me and take them home being fully released to Source God Creation never to return to me in this way again, and close, repair and restore all open doorways where I was vulnerable to this and infuse with my higher self source connection in divine Love now. Thank you.”Breathe“I honor my true Core Essence and command my sovereign rights of Supreme Divine Love and complete emotional healing through the Holy Spirit Shekinah dispensation of the Rose Ray back into every cell of my body and being.”

“Place me in an Archangel Diamond Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection and do what is necessary to make this healing complete and whole; align, balance, strengthen and seal my aura, all my energy fields, a thousand times a thousand-fold, in God’s perfect harmonic frequency now in my body, being and life with no entanglements and attachments. I am free, I am liberated, I am complete and I am whole; it is done. And so It Is. Thank you!”

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. BlueRay is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

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