Visionkeeper – 12-12-12 Is Upon Is… – 11 December 2012

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The wait continues, each passing day bringing a bit more anticipation and wonder. We have December 12 to go through first. A day of final adjustments in preparation for 12-21-12.

It is such an amazing time to be alive to witness everything unfolding. The downfall of the oppressive governments throughout the world, the raising of the human collective consciousness, the revealing of truths long-buried, free energy coming. It saddens me to think of those living in mortal fear about all of this, those unable to embrace the awe of what is taking place and feel gratitude for being present to be a part of what is going on. I have said before I am certain there was a long line of souls wishing to be chosen to come to earth at this time, but space was limited and many were let down. Even more reason we should feel gratitude for having been chosen for this mission to bring the light back into the darkness. Everyday is awe filled for me, everyday I can feel the excitement increase and I am so thankful for being a part of this unfolding. I hope you all can feel the same within your hearts.

I am sorry there has to be winners and losers in this process, but that is the reality of what is taking place. The dark ones have had their chance to cross over into the wonderment of this great happening, but they have chosen to remain locked firmly into 3D, continuing to destroy what they can during their short time left in power. It could have been so different if they had been able to open their hearts, admit their wrongs and ask for forgiveness, but they have not done so. It is a grand example for us all, to see what being stubborn and refusing to open our minds can make us miss out on. Here we have a moment in time where we are witnessing something never before seen or experienced and yet their stubbornness is keeping them from partaking in this life altering event. Let us pay close attention and learn this lesson carefully. Stay open, be willing to embrace change and go with the flow wherever it may take you.

I wish you all a day of enlightenment and wonder tomorrow as our bodies take on their final adjustments and we prepare ourselves for what we have dreamed about for so long now . I am so blessed to have you all here to share this time with. It has been quite the journey to say the least. We must remain vigilant and ready to spring into action should we be called upon. We know what we must do, we have practiced and we are ready. Please go up to the Comparing Notes page at the top of the home page here if you wish to share your experiences or lack thereof tomorrow.  I will be interested in hearing what everybody has to say. So buckle up, take a deep breath and away we go…..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!

Blessings to us all,

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