Blossom Goodchild – 12 December Message White Cloud – 12 December 2012

blossom-blog-new shortHello my friends.

Hopefully for many of you who have not already got something arranged  for 12 minutes past 12 on 12.12.12. I have caught you in time.

Today at my 12 minutes past 12 on 12.12.12. which I already have had … White Cloud conducted the most beautiful activation ceremony. There were 44 of us present and it felt like a mini Sedona experience with the LOVE that was shared. It was so very powerful and White Cloud … as you will hear … had some incredibly emotional moments.

If you begin this audio at 2 minutes past twelve your activation will take place at the exact moment of 12 minutes past 12 as White Cloud so ‘cleverly’ arranged. How he works this kind of magic I shall never know!!! He speaks afterwards about the coming days … Hold onto your hats people!

Oh how I love him !

Here it is … Best to use earphones if you can. (51 minutes)


Hoping to find a space in which to chat with The Federation before the weekend is once again upon us.

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