John Smallman – Saul – Cry Out Vociferously For Spiritual Assistance And You Will Receive It In Abundance – 12 December 2012

john-blog-pics-0135With the end of this calendar year approaching and expectations rising, the numbers of you engaging daily in meditation — with the strong intent both to awaken, and send and share love, compassion, and forgiveness to all who are in need — are growing ever larger.  This is exactly as it should be.  There is a divine plan unfolding, with all that is required to happen to bring this stage of it to completion occurring precisely on schedule, because it is God’s Will that it should – but remember that outside the illusion time is absent.

Referring to a schedule makes it hard for you to grasp the significance of many things that are happening all across the world, and even for you to be aware of many other equally significant events that the mainstream media does not report on, because to you a schedule is time sensitive and to understand it without the element of time is, to say the least, confusing.

In Reality the limits and constraints of time do not exist, but for you that is not easy to understand.  In fact, it is practically incomprehensible.  Continuing to trust that your Father’s Will for you is eternal joy, and that it will be achieved as divinely intended is actively encouraged by your angels and guides in spite of any doubts or misgivings you may feel, because it raises your frequency and makes it easier for you to connect with them and receive their proffered help.  You do need their help; you can do nothing alone because there is no such state.  And, of course, that trust in your Father is utterly justified.

Your regular times of prayer, meditation, and contemplation strengthen that trust and enable you to engage more fully with the help that is constantly on offer — help that will assist you in releasing your attachments to the illusion and to all the distractions with which it presents you, as it attempts, constantly, to convince you that it is real.  Those attachments are being teased apart, and their complete removal is ensured because you are cooperating.  Concentrate on strengthening that cooperation by adding your willing enthusiasm to release any remaining pockets of judgment, resentment, or anger, especially those you still feel can only be resolved by an abject apology owed to you by one whom you believe has deeply hurt you.

Forgiveness is the key to release, and if you have difficulty with that, it most likely indicates that you have areas of denial in which lie hidden actions or events of which you may be ashamed and for which you feel unable to forgive yourselves, and so you project them on to others.  If you find yourselves unable to forgive someone else, it generally means that you cannot, for whatever deep-seated and unknown reason, forgive yourselves.  When you have forgiven yourselves, forgiving others is a breeze!

If forgiveness is a problem for you, look within and cry out vociferously for spiritual assistance, and you will receive it in abundance.  You may be quite amazed at what shows up: stuff long since past and forgotten, but on which you still hold a strong emotional charge.  Often, in childhood, you have been judged and punished unjustly, but because of your dependence on those who judged you, you accepted it and the wrongful shame it imposed.  It was far too painful for you to keep in your conscious mind, and for your own survival you buried it as deeply as you possibly could.

All that “stuff” is now coming up for release, and initially the anger felt for those unjust acts committed against you will appear to be the issue; look deeper and you will find the shame, the disgrace that you felt about yourself for which you cannot forgive yourself.  That is what you need to release, and with your adult awareness it is completely apparent that you had absolutely no reason whatever to feel shame or disgrace, and so you can easily now forgive yourself for this unwarranted judgment against yourself.  As you let it go, you will feel as though a mighty weight has been lifted off you, and a wonderful sense of freedom will envelop you.  It truly is the start of your awakening into Reality.  Delve deep within, release any guilt or shame that you find, reclaim your divinely given freedom that it seems others have taken from you, and know, truly know that you are forever free, just as God created you.

With so very much love, Saul. link to original article

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