John Ward – The Rape Of Greece – How The Other Half Live – 12 December 2012

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Yesterday, the Greek Parliament published the assets of 508 politicians for the financial year 2011 (2010). The so-called “πόθεν έσχες“ (literally: whence did you acquire it?) contains the asset details of MPs and party leaders according to their declarations to tax offices. So it will without doubt be a massive understatement of what they’ve really got hidden offshore. But even so, some of the numbers are eye-popping:

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras declared his MP’s income of €66,499, and €78,669 from mysterious ‘other income sources’. He owns 13 properties in Attica, Euboea, Messinia and two private cars, 3,800  shares in companies, as well as deposits in foreign banks. (€276,640, £25,119 British Pounds, and $12,925 USD). Clearly, he’s hedging his bets on the fiat currencies.

Evangelos Venizelos declared an income of €86,205, and an equally mysterious ‘tax-exempted income’ of  €75,747. He has 23 real estate properties with apartments in Athens and Thessaloniki, and agricultural land. Bank deposits €2,155,811,  55,803 shares…and two cars because he can’t fit into one.

Panos Kammenos and his wife declared €60,561 in MP’s salary,  €66,000 euro from rents, €5,400 euro from additional rents, and €29,444 euro from income as lawyer. Bank deposits €11,238 euro, plus 55,000 shares. He also has 8 properties in Athens and Samos, 3 cars and a boat.

Fotis Kouvelis (Democratic left) declared a parliamentary income of €60,561 from the parliamentary allowance (Whatever that means) which with salary gave him a total income of  €139,431, bank deposits totalling €172,299 euro, 5,637 shares. He has three private cars, and 14 properties in Attica, Trikala, Argolis and Euboea.

But the award for honest frugality goes to these two:

Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA) declared an income from parliament of €60,561 euro. The messianic Left leader has one property in Attica – and a motorcycle.

Aleka Papariga (KKE – Communist) declared an income of €119,541 euro, €832 euro in bank deposits…and also has a property in Attica.

So you might not like their politics, but you do know who to trust. link to original article



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