Lisa Gawlas – The Vortex Of Your Life Has You In It Surrounded By Gaia’s Heart Blood ( Red Goo)! – 12 December 2012

energy-vortexHappy 12/12/12 everyone!!  Of course, for those across the pond and deeper into the time thingie, 12/12/12 is now a memory, granted a deeply expanded one now.  Funny really, how that works.

Yesterdays readings, geez Louise!  It seemed the field was in a continuum from the day prior.  The horizontal vortexes were present in all 5 readings yesterday, but with two very unexpected twists.  Each and every person standing inside their vortex, all but one person was at the very outer opening, pinned to it like they were in a gyroscope or something, arms and legs extended as they held themselves in place.  And where the day before lacked any sort of movement from the vortex, some of the folks I read for was whipping all around the field.  Yet, their bodies held steady inside, never even loosing balance at all.  Now that I think about it, it almost seemed impossible to lose your balance no matter how strong or suddenly that vortex whipped back and forth or up and down.

I had one lady of the 5 who was actually walking into her vortex.  She was the only one who had her back to me and was not at the very opening, instead she was halfway down inside.

For as clear and as vivid as the field was yesterday, and the feeling, OMG the feeling, the energy pouring out into my over worked Light body… there was very little audio, that is to say, true understanding of what is really happening and why everyone was soooo different.

I do know, that the movement was absolutely purposeful.  Some at speeds that blew my sox off, some a gentle glide around the field.  I had one lady who was bouncing up and down so fast, I could feel the reverberation each time her energy vortex hit the ground.  I watched as each connected kicked up more and more dirt, with her I did understand she was creating a new opening in her life on earth… with some of the details of how that will come to pass.

I also understood that there is for some people, an expansion taking place, for others, a deepening (think, inhale, exhale) none is better than the other, except maybe for me when I am actually participating with you in a wild and wacky expanding energy (phew.)  This, too is why so many people are having such a different energetic experience with the energies of these days… there is absolutely no thing as normal or usual.  All are unique, everyone in their own progressive phase.

But my 4th lady on the hit parade, literally knocked me on my ass for the rest of the day.  For all intense and purposes, she was probably the most “visually” gentle… no huge movements to knock my antenna around with… but she was one of two that actually had colored energy that I could see not only being infused into her core energy, but still radiating out into her created life.  Her energy was like a flow of beautiful lemon yellow and then I noticed something really… really weird.  On the ground below her, there was a marching band all clustered together playing their instruments.  I could hear the music… sort of.  Not like the music you would think you would hear from a marching band… very very different on all levels.  Her band was a soft, almost blurred group of folks housed up in white and yellow band outfits.  And then it happened…

The moment I asked what the hell are you doing with a marching band, I could literally see and feel the energy of the music as it snaked itself into my forehead, into my deep inner visual cortex.  Ohhhhhhhhh the flipping headache that started.  I love a good expansion, god knows I so appreciate it, but I soooo dislike a headache!  Too late, the headache was underway.

What I did find really interesting was her marching band was playing upwards.  Keep in mind, all vortexes are 5-6 feet above anything on earth, so they even held their instruments upwards and were playing directly to her.

The frustrating thing for me is, I have no real clue what any of this means in the longer run of our lives.  I know what it feels like, I know the intensity and purpose… and even for some, the gentleness… but that’s about all.  The field has become so flipping stingy with details we can use to fully understand… except to say “we don’t need to know.”  I say… bullshit!!  But hey, that’s the human in me stomping my feet!

My headache did not cease with her reading, instead it intensified to the point I had two hours before my next reading, I tried to go to sleep since my brain felt like it was now missing… but ohhhhhh no… instead, the lunch I tried to consume came flying out of me.  Nothing like a good, intense vomiting session to say… holy flipping shit batman!!

I did feel better after. lol  Sorta.

With two of the readings, when they asked particular questions… the reply was just… odd in presentation.  My one lady who was etching a new opening in her world on earth mentioned something about fighting for disability.  Suddenly and unexpectedly I seen 5 zero’s all lined up next to each other come in from the left to the right just in front of my face.  The odd thing about this was… the zero’s were black as if they have been typed, but each one on the upper right side down into the bottom had dripping red goo on them.  I knew simply by the way they moved, her spiritual team is making sure she get well compensated to start her new life (hence moving to the left) but the red goo…. I am still at a loss to fully understand why that was so present in her zero’s.  I did also understand that the number before the zero is still up in the air.

The lady right after her was asking about continuing to board a horse now that her mom is in the end stages of life.  They will have to pay for final arrangements for her mom, which will take away the money available to keep this one horse boarded elsewhere.  (this is also my marching band lady)  The moment she said about not having enough money….  I seen a doorway present itself as if I was looking at a movie clip filmed at an angle of the door itself.  The door was an old wooden door and had a gap at the floor of about an inch.  The door was closed, obviously no lights were on (no illumination) but I could see a glow of light streaming in from under the door then suddenly a masculine hand (that I only felt, did not see) slipped something under the door.  It was in the shape of the old plane boarding passes.  What was really really odd, and yet again, no understanding from the field… both the door itself and the thingie that was slipped under the door was covered in red goo.  The door seemed to be absorbing the red goo as it dripped downward.    The only thing I could feel with clarity was something was going to be slipped into her life that I have a feeling, will allow all her expenses to come together without worry.

Since I had written about seeing the red goo, I am so excited to see so many people having experiences, meditations, and even breaking literal bottles of red goo for all around to partake in… and there is something soooooo important about being drenched in this, not only body’s, but aspects of our lives.  But exactly what… remains a mystery, an exciting one… but a mystery all the same.  Pesky spirit!!!

I think, every single thing I do today, will be covered with red goo, including putting this red goo thru my entire cellular body!  (smile)

The one thing I am understanding with the energetics we will just call December.  There is an aliveness to it all, a consciousness of its own and so fully wants to participate with us, consciousness, co-creatively on all levels of our Lives.  Ask, no matter how silly or mundane your request is… and the energy comes and sticks to you like glue.  Spend your time waiting… the goo is going elsewhere, cuz it wants to live and play and expand too!!

Let me just give you a tiny example of my own.  My dad has not been feeling well at all and my heart really really wants to see him and give him hugz.  Yesterday, out of the clear blue, my son and I were talking about my dad, well my concern for my dad.  It seems he and my grandsons mom started a new exchange in travel for my grandson.  Up until this coming week, they would travel by train from Virginia to Massachusetts to exchange the baby to each other.  Suddenly, now they are meeting half way.  My dad just happens to be halfway between VA and MA… so me, my son and my grandson will spend some beautiful hours with my dad on December 26th.  I am soooooo grateful to my grandsons mama for agreeing to this place as being the drop off point.

Christmas just got even brighter!!

I also want to mention here, I have close to zero internet use beyond early mornings these days.  So please bear with me as I get further and further behind in replying to emails, sending out heart felt, mind numbing thank you’s for your more than extreme generosity… There are times, I do not get your voice mails for days, then I get them all at once and yet, have no signal to return calls!  Frustrating would be an understatement!!!  Maybe I will shoot some red goo thru the windstream internet towers!! lol

I Love you all so much.  May this day be the start of the most magnificent part of your Life!

Red gooey (((((HUGZ)))) dripping with pure, unadulterated LOVE to all!!

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P.S. As I “think” up a title for this sharing, to go along with the picture I am using… all of a sudden I hear the Red Goo is Gaiai true and pure heart blood.  WOW

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