Sophia Love – Welcome Home! – 12 December 2012

265817It is sort of ironic that this Aussie Angel, while he is as far away from home as he possibly can be, has found his origin.  He welcomes us all on this day of days ♥ … Enjoy this message from my son.

So this is it, the beginning of a 9-day period wherein the source energy of the one loving essence of all will be bathing Earth, our planet, my planet, your planet, and everyone traveling on her, with it’s light, peaking on the 21st.

My understanding of this time is that it is a tangible expression of both the ever-evolving spiraling movement of consciousness, as well as the truth of unity. (As opposed to the illusion of duality.) What is happening now is being experienced by all, indeed being experienced by our meta-level collective consciousness… and so naturally it is also being experienced by every individual in whatever unique way they have chosen to experience this moment of their

journey. We are in it together, whether we are conscious of this truth or not – and whether we are consciously in it together or unconsciously in it together makes a world (more specifically, makes a dimension) of difference.

To say more on the ever-evolving spiraling movements of consciousness: we are
consciousness. The choice to drape ourselves in a veil of forgetfulness in order to ensure that we would fully embrace and commit to our physical experience was an evolutionary tactic – by forgetting, we allow ourselves the possibility of becoming conscious of our true nature all over again, thus spiralling back to ‘where’ we were before but at a higher, more well-ordered level… a level where our true nature is understood much more deeply and so much more fully
integrated into however we choose to interact with each other and express ourselves. (Our self-expression.) In short, the spiraling triunal cycle of consciousness-forgetfulness-greater consciousness is the method we have collectively chosen to use in order to evolve.

This moment in our collective linear movement through time represents us reaching a ‘place’ of self-understanding we have already been, indeed were a long, long ‘time’ ago. Yet now, because of our choice to leave it (and take the risk of getting lost and not coming back!) we are not at all the same souls we were when we were last here.

Together, as a collective, we have gone on an odyssey of consciousness. Dissatisfied with the comfort of home and not content to linger in a situation which did not demand everything we had to give and more, we stepped out. We chose to forget, and to subject ourselves to all the agonizing consequences of our collective forgetfulness, an infinite number of horrifically creative expressions of disconnection.

Now, we are coming back home. Returning to an awareness of our true nature which will outshine anything we could’ve done before our consciousness had been broadened, deepened, and sharpened.

Lifetime after lifetime we have explored every place not our home and investigated thoroughly the many possible ways we could be other than what we are. Family, we’re finally done. We’re going home again, and the truth of what we are can now be carried unwaveringly along every shimmering filament of our soulful bodies.

We have doubted, questioned, second-guessed, and searched every nook and cranny outside of ourselves, all for the sake of this moment: when we can look up into each others eyes, smile, nod, hold hands, and go home again. We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it’s true:
home is where the heart is.

Some of us are running there as fast as we can, some of us are already there. Others will meander back slowly, taking the scenic route, and that’s fine. But energetically, as a collective, we are turning 180 degrees – abandoning our exploration of all that we are not and joyfully beginning our exploration of all that we are… an exploration which will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

As collectively we come back home, what does this mean for us individually? It means choice, conscious choice – which means freedom. Our entire journey has been an expression of choice. Our sojourn into the darkness of all that we are not was not forced upon us, for no soul can force anything upon another – we chose it in order to evolve. Coming back home, too, is about choice.

Our thoughts, words, and actions are all choices. For most of us and for many lifetimes now, we have been making those choices unconsciously. In every moment we have been choosing what to think, what to say, what to do, how to act, how to be… in other words, choosing who we are. Our choices have been playing out at an unconscious level for ages, which was the natural consequence of our decision to leave home. Making the choice of who we are at an

unconscious level means we react, we contract, we fear – we think we have to control other people in order to change how we feel, we imagine someone else has the power to make us feel good, to make us feel bad, to hurt us.

Deciding who we are at a conscious level means we are finally aware and in control of how we choose to participate in all of our relationships. (Including our relationship with ourself.) It means we are always completely free to choose what to think, say, and do. The effects of bringing consciousness to every subtle level of our selves will be unimaginably joyful, for from such a place of freedom, joy itself will be our criteria! The answer to the question:
“How do I want to be in this moment?”, “How do I want to be in this place?”, “How do I want to be with this person?”, or “How do I want to be with myself?” will always have the same answer: “What choice would bring me the most joy?”

Everyone’s joy will take on a unique expression but as the essence of joy is love love, in all of it’s infinite possible forms, will be the predominant vibration between us.

This is the essence of ascension: not only knowing our true nature, but being free to express our true nature in whatever way it is most joyful for us to do so. Ascension allows for the possibility of this inner freedom… which of course is the only true freedom there is.

I’m not ruling out any of the many possible scenarios that have been put forth – mass landings, natural disasters, disclosures, inner-earth revealings, prosperity packages, new energy technologies, or anything else that has been suggested. I’m not in touch with ET’s, (not that I remember, anyway) I don’t hang out with world leaders, and I don’t know anything about inner earth. But I understand consciousness, and ascension has been my life’s work – learning to bring consciousness to every level of my being so that I may always be free to choose whichever thought, word, or action brings me the most joy in that moment.

Are we all going to have our debts cleared, ride around in spaceships and hang out in inner earth in new, disease-free bodies? Sure! Why not? Sounds awesome. But what good are mass landings if we fight over whose turn it is to get probed, and what good are new, disease-free bodies if we’re jealous because his new body is more sexy?

Freedom, joy, and love do not, never have, and never will be contingent upon externals. That is the illusion. The power to step into freedom, to radiate joy, and to access a wellspring of love which never runs dry is in us, and always has been. As we become conscious at every level of our being and learn how to participate in our collective experience in only those ways which are in alignment with our highest joy, our world will transform… at every level, and in ways which will exceed our wildest expectations.

So maybe I’ll see you in outer space, maybe we’ll run into each other in inner earth, maybe here in Melbourne or maybe back in Chicago, my hometown. Either, way, I’ll meet you with an inner orientation of freedom and an outer expression of joy. I’ll meet you in a place of true human potential, a place where our souls soar together with joyful integrity, where you and I can look into each others eyes and fearlessly celebrate the beauty of one another because it is our joy to do so.

I’ll meet you back home, family… the door’s wide open and love is waiting. We’ve been away a long time.

Welcome home.

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