Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Archangel Chamuel – 13 December 2012

Picture 346Welcome. I am angelic of origin. I am angelic of nature. I am angelic of light. I am the essence the vibration and the song that is known as Chamuel. I am angel of self-love and I come on this day to enfold you in that thought.

Every measurement of time, every measurement of day and of night reflects of how much you love yourself. Everything on this planet loves you. It is innately and genetically programmed to love you. The dirt that you walk upon loves you. The wind loves to mess up your hair and kiss your body. The animals love you and do not’ understand why you are afraid of them. Everything loves you. The trees smile at you from their great height, but they never look down on you, for they know that you are steward of this beautiful sphere.

When you are in a place of truly loving you, then everything that you desire to manifest and create – can, will, and must happen. For that is the way of the Universe. There are many days when there is not much that you like about yourself. On these days when your creative energies are dismal and have run a muck, your creations are like a highland bog.

It is through you that everything happens. It can be no other way. For that is the destiny of this place that you reside upon that loves you more than most days you love yourself. Everything touches everything else And that is what you have forgotten.  That is why I, Chamuel, angel of self-love, come to tell you that — your moods affect all of life. A tree smiles when you are in a good mood. A tree looses leaves when you are in a bad mood. If you are attracting people that are negative and down in the mouth, then look at your own energy – for the vibration is similar of nature.

Stay in a place of joy, happy to be human, happy to be flesh and happy to be wherever you are at that moment of your experience. You are the center of your universe – every one of you. You are the center of your personal time/space continuum – all separate, but united – similar to the cells in your body. When your heart yearns for something so deep – it is your soul that is asking you to provide it. It could be a walk on the beach that your soul needs. It could be dancing in the rain. It could be traveling around the world or writing an old friend a letter. Who do you think points you in the direction of all of those heart longings?

The self is so caught up in the past injustices it does not look forward. There is always a hindsight that is wrapped around the self of the past. Your soul is where the longings of your heart come from. Look closely at what you long for. Look at what is speaking to your heart and then center your self with love and create it from a point of heart.

Humans are funny creatures. We don’t always understand you – but we always stand by you. You do not feel loved even when someone who loves stand face to face and proclaims their love. You do not feel fulfilled no matter how much is given to you. Humans – you do not understand how vast you are. But we do!  In the meantime as you are trying so hard to remember, we hold the light for you. We sit at the fire. We talk about you and joke about you and we compare notes– we love you dearly. We need you to call upon us — the angels. We cannot intervene unless it is an emergency – and sometimes your definition of an emergency varies greatly from our definition of an emergency. We are obedient to you as the Mother/Father God commanded.  Time after time and life after life we grow to love you more. In order for us to serve you better, you must direct us into the affairs of your life. We will be there for you. No job is too small or too big. I am Chamuel. I am the angel of self-love and I hope you have a better understanding of what that really means.

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