Henry Seltzer – The Hopeful Sagittarius New Moon – 13 December 2012

2012-12-13_NMThursday’s New Moon is an exciting one, taking place in the third decant of Sagittarius, which is Leo-ruled, and therefore, because the Sun rules Leo, with a closer than usual connection to the Sun itself. The Sun represents the evolving personality over time, the ego function that, when transformed, becomes the vehicle for moving beyond ego. In this New Moon, the Sun parallels Mars, while the Moon is in close contra-parallel to Jupiter. You might regard the energy of this New Moon as providing a new opportunity to take a real stand for yourself; to embody what you truly believe, on the inside, and are willing to fight for.

This New Moon is also interesting because Mercury is finally out of its retrograde shadow, returning to the zodiacal longitude that it occupied when it stationed to retrograde motion in the first week of November. As it gains ground in early Sagittarius with the timing of this New MoonMercury squares Chiron and makes a trine aspect with Uranus. This is a powerful combination of energies, bespeaking sudden enlightenment regarding where and in what way you may be internally wounded, likely stemming from trauma that you have come through in early childhood. With the new-found understanding of yourself that this New Moon brings, you might be ready to take the next slight and ethereal step forward along the path of your own personal evolution – the path that actually forms the basis for the most important factor of your life. This movement toward who you really are is perhaps subtle, but vital for your continued well-being.

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