Lisa Gawlas – My Love Letter To You! – 13 December 2012

love-explosionI have just written the first half of this sharing on my other site called “My Loving Journey With Can-Seer.”  This sharing is picking up where that one left off.  I choose to do it this way on purpose.

As I mentioned in the close of my sharing above, the entirety of 2012 and all that has transpired thru it, flashed before my eyes and deep within my heart.  There was a constant that played out over this entire year… YOU.  From the very first day of 2012 all the way thru to these last few days of 2012 YOU have been present in my Life, in my Heart, and expanded my soul in ways no one or no other thing could.

The first flash was when I left my rational mind elsewhere and decided to accept the keys to my new life here in Heaven, in the Jemez Pueblo of New Mexico, it was YOU who really sealed the deal for me.  From sending donations to make sure my landlady’s fee’s got covered (since I had nothing to cover them with and she still gave me the keys to Here) to making sure my car always had what it needed, tires for example.  When my heart longed to hug my grandson, you opened your wallet to make sure THAT happened!!  You trust me with your field of light and support my life by booking readings, by sharing YOUR light, your soul with me and with all the world.

You have endured rescheduling after rescheduling and still did not loose faith in me.

I am Here, souly because YOU are Here too.  I am so enriched because YOU have enriched me on every EVERY level of life and that is no exaggeration in any way.

We ALL have been able to grow this year, because feather by feather… YOU became the wings and eyes of this journey.  The collective eagle that allows all of us to soar on it’s back.

I say I have cancer… you rush to my side, embed yourself deeper in my heart and together, we learned so much about who we are and how we work.. together.  YOU take care of my well being on every level.

When my cancer journey first started and my own spiritual team asked me if I would die (literally) to transmute cancer into a higher light… I thought about what I would end up taking with me… things yet unshared.  Of course I said yes, with open love filled heart and a sadness that hit me that if death was going to come soon… skills that really, are soooo easy to learn, would be taken back to the other side of the veil with me.

For the last 14 months I have been so wanting to give The Soul Gym life and yet… why haven’t I?  The moment the doors was about to open, my entire internet fell apart and I became the most unreliable aspect of this venture…  why?

In the most profound spiritual year of my entire life, I now have a gift to give.  A way of saying thank you for allowing me to grow, to wake up every day in such a Heaven on earth… not only within this landscape, but within YOUR life too.

As I sat with myself having lunch after my All Clear PET scan news, liquid gold of knowing filled me.  It was so solid, so absolutely the right thing, the most exciting thing to do… I am going to open The Soul Gym in January, shortly after I get back from Virginia.  It will be FREE.  Life is not always about money… its about each other.  What we have to give and share and enrich each others life with.

I have wisdom, understandings how to work the energy of Life and 2013 will be my way of giving back all that you have so lovingly, unselfishly given to me and those around me this year.

I realize, more than ever before… we are each others Light expanding.  We are each others Love enlarging as One connected, expanded energy.  There is not a soul out there that I read for, share with that is not capable of seeing the way I do, meditating, creating the network of themselves that IS love made manifest… and 2013 we are going to take up that mantle and make it incredibly real.

I am also going to make sure all the sessions we hold via The Soul Gym are broadcast, via my podcast site for FREE as well.  This way, if you cannot attend a session but really wanted to, it will be available.

Together, we will rock the hell outta 2013 and every vibrational aspect available to us… for the highest and greatest good!!

I love you all sooo soooo sooooooooo much.  I cannot imagine my life without your presence within mine.  And we will grow, together, beyond our wildest dreams, together thru 2013.

Thank you for loving me in all the ways you do!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude, clarity and super duper excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas

This is one of my all-time Favorite Christmas songs… it is filled with joy and love and the Partridge Family!! lol  Feel my soul singing it to you:

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