Lucas – A Journey Around Your Lives In 9 Days – The Race Is On – 13 December 2012

phileasfoggA journey around your lives in 9 Days. The race is on.  A strange analogy of the 80 day race around the world many times over  broadcasted on tv or you maybe have  read it as a book by Jules Verne.

But really we had already the first day of 9 been living through yesterday.  A portal and a big clearing and cleaning took of.  Many including myself did expect something else as they got. (Yep should not have expected!) Not only have I seen people spinning around and going totally of balance but I myself had a backlash yesterday as clearing took place. For others the day was a day of calm and peaceful vibrations and energies coming in. Better said the whole 12/12/12 experience was as we all have our different own journeys towards the end, a personal one, and it brought what was needed in that moment for you. The energies are still manifesting and making room for that what will have to be completed on the 21 December 2012. The density and speed towards the emerging timelines to zero time is felt now.

All that what is still needing attention or needs shifting towards the total ascension of earth and human kind is now been taken care of.  Be ware of this.  It otherwise can hit you right smack in the face without warning. For those still empowering the ending duality and keep celebrating their ego, they will have very nasty awakening experiences in the coming days.  It can go from nightmare dreams as real as Dreamtime can get. Lives flashing by in your dreams or minds eye with the most awful deepest hidden issues are appearing and tell you to let go. You will be confronted with sudden anger, anxiety or even getting into arguments. You can feel the deepest feeling of being lost or even not wanna have this anymore, etc.  So know a lot can happen.

It is not to scare you about your journey that is still personal to you all.  There can also be a great feeling of utter oneness and bliss or even joy and laughter. Feeling playful. Feeling energized. Also a lot of you will see that their abilities of lucid dreaming, Dreamtime travels, ESP and a heightened sensory status  are becoming normal as they were always  a part of you. Even bi-location, being or feeling to be in two places at once,  is heard more often.  This will be more clearly being so if you have a good connection with your heart unity and oneness field and source as well as you being grounded to mother earth. To keep you in joy and bliss, be playful. Laughter and taking yourself not to serious  is a great way to be feeling great. Gratitude is also a way to stay centered to your heart. Not think it but feel it as the new paradigm is not about thinking but feeling.

Always know when you are having clearing issues that how bad it looks or feels,  it is just clearing of an illusion that will make room for you to be really heart connected again. No dream or  illusion can tell you you’re not love or even that you are evil. Every human being on this planet is in his or her core a lightbeing that came here to experience the duality game and to wake up again to be in this ending cycle fully aware of who you are. You are here  to make the biggest jump into new unexplored 5D territory in ascending. We have only a bit of clues what will happen on that day or even beyond,  but we only can individually have our experience on that date of the 21st December.

Do not worry about your fellow travelers.  Everybody has his own responsibility to get to that finish line. This means not that you can not help others that have difficulties by listening or  reassuring them, but never leave your own mission uncompleted. You came on this planet to ascend in your full body together with mother earth. That is your priority. Therefore in the next 8 days including this day you need to work through or have experiences that can go the whole spectrum from being totally down to total bliss.  It is a last journey and race to the end of time. So be all great Phileas Fogg’s and know whatever happens it is all right and it is as it has to be. Let love be your guide towards the big event on 21 December 2012  (by the way that is also my birthday.) Know that the work only just will start  (not end) after 21 December 2012.

Love you all.

Love and Light,


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