Visionkeeper – Which World Will You Be On? – 13 December 2012

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I will probably write this post in parts as I usually write my posts a day ahead, but who knows what will transpire today 12-12-12 and I may have to add more into this at a later date. So far the day has started out to be magical to me. We have a new moon coming up tonight(13th) and new moons are a time to set your intentions on what you desire in your life. This magical time frame is a good time for us to place our intentions on the new world we are creating. Spend some quiet time envisioning it from all of your five senses. Which world do you wish to be on? This is our final chance at using the power of a new moon to manifest what we want before the 21st. If we all concentrate on a new world of love and peace, joy and compassion, then we stand a good chance of manifesting exactly that! Think of this new moon as our final exams and how well we manifest our desires decides if we will pass or not. Study hard today and put your intentions on a magical new world and together we will create it into being!

I was unable to sleep well last night so I was reading a few pages out of the 7th book from the Ringing Cedars Of Russia series. I found the way what he was saying was written so clear to understand. He was speaking to an old idea but how it was said was enlightening. He was speaking about what we call the dumbing down of people, only the way he put it was an interesting take on the idea. The author said essentially, how awake we are depends on how fast we are able to think our thoughts and this was the secret of the Priests that have kept this guarded forever. He spoke to the data overload happening in the world and how by design it was happening now to slow down our speed of thought caused by the  overwhelming fatigue or what we call brain drain. Somehow, for me anyway, seeing dumbing down in terms of how fast our thoughts are able to fire off was easy to picture, dumbing down was such a generic term. He also mentioned how our food also slows down our thought process which was by design as well. A lot of our food intake should be coming from our air(read book 7) but we see what our air as well as our food is like! The speed at which we think determines how evolved we become. It is time to be detoxing and getting our thinking up to speed!

I knew there was a reason I kept hounding my readers to turn off their TV sets and eat organically. The whole concept of how fast our thoughts fire off determines how evolved we are makes me understand more clearly why I kept saying what I did. One of the best ways to detox all the heavy metals from chemtrails and our food and water is with Zeolite. You definitely want to take the powder over the liquid. It is tasteless. I put it in my yogurt every morning. It is best I think, if we seriously try to simplify our lives and declutter our over loaded brains if we wish to think quickly and clearly so we can create our new world. I know which world I want to be on. By the way, the Ringing Cedars Of Russia series is very good and worth reading. The insights in these books are remarkable and especially the book describing how we can build our homesteads and live totally independently. It has swept the planet and people all over are building homes and communities such as these. This is Fabulous! We are re-connecting with Gaia and in turn our health and well-being.

I will end here by saying I was out early (4:30 a.m.) this morning under yet another crystal clear sky and the Geminid Meteor shower was exploding! It was so incredibly beautiful to witness. Just the majesty of our heavens and the billions of stars that call it home was breathtaking. It always is, but lately things just continue to become more meaningful as we near our final destination. So if you can, check out the meteor shower before we pass out of range. It truly is spectacular.

Blessings to us all,

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