Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – An Eternal Being Visits Earth – 16 December 2012

gods20handGod said:

As the years go by, life does indeed come to seem less real. More and more has receded to the past. Even memories flee. So many loved ones have left Earth. Life does begin to seem less real. You begin to feel the unreality of life on Earth and your own non-existence even while you live on Earth.

It is not new to you that life is fleeting, fleeting. It’s that life is feeling more ephemeral to you. You can’t deny this any longer.

Even the common occurrence of what is called death, even as it is prominent and universal, that, too, is beginning to feel unreal, and, of course, it is. Death does not exist. There is no death. There is mass mourning, but no death, not one death.

You are not born to die. Your body drops away, but not you. You never were your body, and no one else was ever only his body. The body is the least of you, a shell of you. It was nice yet only a fantasy of a body. You are ever more fluid than a body.

Bodies have their limitations. You are unlimited. You are relegated to far more than a body. As dear as bodies are to you, bodies aren’t so much. You endow bodies with so much. You stake everything on your body and on others’ bodies. You even call a body life, as if the body were the sum-all of existence. The body is a flash in the pan, no more than that. It is a vehicle that serves you for awhile and that you seem to be stuck with. It is serviceable so long as it is. And then you turn it back in and keep right on. Later you may get a new model, yet you are eternally you.

On Earth, you play a role. You adapt a role. You have an identity in the world, and that seems like everything. Oh, My, what attachment there is. How you hold on to that identity all the while, all the seeming while while the identity doesn’t exist except as a guise.

Your true existence is timeless. Without time, your existence is eternal. You are eternal. You exist, and you exist for something, not for nothing. You are a Being who walks on Earth. You are an Eternal Being who is visiting Earth. You pose questions, and you ponder. There is something you are trying to find out. You already know it, yet it has slipped your mind.

What’s the big deal that you forget something? Existence goes on just the same. You go on just the same. You are Eternal just the same. You have eternally been a reflection of Me. Made in the image of Me, you are always. The essence of you is always. The essence of you isn’t your body. The body is a kind of paraphernalia. It’s like a sticky-note. It is pasted on. You become partial to it. It becomes your idol, and you worship it as if it were holy.

You are holy but not your body. Your body encases the holy. It is the shrine.

Do not weep for your body nor for another’s body. Do not weep for the Earth and the temporariness of the body. What’s to weep for when the heart and soul of you are a constant? Take care of your body while you have it. It is entrusted to you. It is your pal. It is your pony. You are the jockey who rides it only so long as you are in the race. Of course, you race for you know not what. You think you race for a purse, but the purse, like the body, is incidental. You, however, are significant. link to original article

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