Bill Ballard – What Is Ascension And Best Focused On For 12-21-12 – My Feelings – 17 December 2012

Uploaded on 17 December 2012 by pearls2u There is much talk of what will happen and one needs to do for 12/21/12 and the days following. Many persons feel we need to join in groups for further activations of humanity and the planet. Personally, I feel we have accomplished all that work over these past 25 years plus and now it is time to focus on self. Doing just that and expanding our consciousness to the highest levels we can individually reach is the greatest we can do for Mother Earth and the collective of Humanity. Changing ourselves changes the whole at this point, and that can only be done from within our own selves. Enjoy, as you are totally unlimited except by your own perceptions you put upon yourself at this point! Those who do the inner work will understand this while those who say show me will experience nothing but the anxiousness and anxieties of their inner frequencies being raised without consciously understanding what is occurring. Be ALL THAT IS! Be ALL YOU CAN BE! BE LOVE!

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