Lisa Gawlas – “The Old Earth Has Fallen Away. The New Earth Is NOt Yet Visible” – 17 December 2012

rainbow-light-earthAnd the evolution continues… but now it simply leaves me baffled into what the next day could possibly present from here on out (thru the 21st at least.)  Every single and double (smile) person that I read for yesterday, were on the most beautiful, surprising zip line going completely across the upper atmosphere (west to east direction.)  Not one person had their “field of life” visible within their readings.  That deep blue/black energy, thicker and more present everywhere, than the day prior.  It took me a little bit… but I finally and excitedly understood what we were not only witnessing, but very much, participating within.

“The old earth has fallen away.  The new earth is not yet visible.”  This is a direct quote from the field as I was desperately searching the something familiar, something to read from.  Once I heard that, I so understood what is happening and what really has been happening over the last few days (field shifts.)  Our place in the cosmos is changing, shifting into higher vibrations.  Meaning, we have left this particular earth and all that it has wonderfully served to get us to “Here” and now we enter a void period.  We have made our evolutionary leap into what I call 2013, a new, higher vibrational earth.  But, that earth is not yet… not even sure what word(s) I want to use for this understanding… let’s just say, it’s not quite ready to be seen or walked upon… yet.  Hence, the zip lines.

What I find so very interesting, not only was every ounce of my field of vision filled with this beautiful deep/black energy, so was each body.  I could see the body outlines, but yet, each person was as much a part of this deep, expansive energy… it / we are really all one now with the ALL.  The only thing that seemed beyond this energy was the slow cascading movement from the deep West to the mid-point of the East field (as my readings go)  creating sparks of silver.  Metal against metal and the friction that happens from that.  Every person I read for yesterday had these sparks to their zip lines which really showed a motion towards the new earth.

So here we are, no longer on the old earth, not quite on the new earth.  Suspended in the depths of the every loving, every present All that is very much US.

Even the familiar timeline I call 2013, which has consistently all year ran from south to north, or left to right, above the area we call our created life/the field, is no longer.  I do have this feeling tho, that is has moved west to east to create what I see as a zip line.  With that movement, there is no sense of time at all.  There is only the midway point of old earth and new earth…

There is this feeling, this knowing, that we are now in the presence of Life birthing itself into new life.  That moment in birth where the head crowns, labor contractions pick up, the silence of the mother goes deep as her breath pushes brand new life into creation.  We have all been the loving midwife’s/husbands and now… our jobs are complete in the birthing arena and soon, we will be the custodians, the foster parents if you will… of the new world, the new earth.

In the stillness of my own day yesterday, a friend gave me a wonderful youtube movie to watch (thank you for this wonderful gift.)  She emphasized the humor that is used thru it all… and I am always up for a good laugh thru these amazing times.  Sadly, my own internet connection has not let me watch the whole movie yet… but what I did see (about half of it thru out the entire day of buffering, watching, buffering, watching lol) was like a movie put to the readings since May 20th.  Even the images he used could have been pulled right out of the field of my vision… and I started to really understand the deeper, fuller story of what we are going thru.  The relationship between us, the Pleiades and Serius.  The spiraling energy that had been so vivid is how our sun and planets really travel… creating the vortex we are now about to emerge from.

I hope you get as much out of it as I had (and I am barely 40 minutes in.)

I love you all so much and am sooooooo excited about where we are heading, together.  My heart is already skipping happy beats to the frequency of 2013.

((((HUGZ)))) of ascended biology getting ready to land on a fully ascended earth!!

Lisa Gawlas

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