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Ron Van Dyke – 17-12-2012: Collective Emotions Show Great Contrast – 17 December 2012

Uploaded on 17 December 2012 byparadoxman316 From stories of reconciliation with long estranged family members to the horror story of yet another black op mass murder in the US, this holiday season on doorstep of the great shift in consciousness shows little change in the status quo. Human life continues as it has for a very long time. The only difference, perhaps, is that we have the ability to watch it all happen in media ranging from the TV to the Internet…and, of course, our personal lives. As for me, I do my best to tap into the collective consciousness and allow myself to feel what my human family is feeling. I have to admit: it’s a very mixed bag with wide contrast. It’s been said that the emotional roller coaster is just ride, and what a ride it is.

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – New World From Inside – 17 December 2012

World Inside7Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My Beloved Friends,

while dreaming in the heart, I fell asleep under the sky. Beautiful luminous landscapes were rising, radiating from inside. The Source of Light not contained in them but radiating from an Infinite Source-Light  through them. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 17 December 2012

AngelaPeregoffAs part of the gathering that has anchored a New era of evolutionary proportions here on our beloved terra firma you should be feeling a bit nostalgic about the purpose of time past and a bit reflective about the tasks that lie ahead. We have finished the bridging of two worlds project, more commonly referred to in my writings as “the shift”. We currently stand in an interim space between what we have known and what will be. We have made quantum leaps in consciousness and ascended to the primary layers of our multi-dimensionality so the union with the next level has taken place.      Continue reading

Carl Boudreau – Astrology For Everyone – Sign By Sign Astrology Forecast For January 2013 – 17 December 2012

Astrology Forecast for January 2013 Continue reading

Judith Dagley – About 12.21.12… Well, What About It? – 17 December 2012

21122012Here it comes! December 21st, 2012 is just around the corner, and this is a real mind-bender. Even if you are one of those who intends to live through it as “just another day,” don’t kid yourself–it’s still a mind-bender. Why? Because this date  has been imbued with prophesies and predictions that have been repeated and embellished throughout generations for a very long time. They have thus gathered what Jung called “the archetypal numinosity” of a very powerful myth in the  collective unconscious of humanity. Meaning, whether you know it or not, it’s in yours, too. Continue reading

Sophia Love – 4: 44 AM – 17 December 2012

6025064It feels like we are waiting for the bus on the first day of school.  Our shoes are shined, our pencils, notebooks and crayons are neatly packed in our brand new backpack.  We are wearing an outfit that was carefully chosen for just this moment.  It is a perfect hair day.

We can’t see the bus, but we are in the place where it’ll arrive and we are early.  There’s nothing else to do but look around and pass the time.  The bus will be here any minute and will take us someplace else. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – 2012: The Great Shift -The Hidden Comes To Light…Love Or Fear – 17 December 2012

Uploaded on 12 December 2012 Kemetprince1 Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations!