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Carl Boudreau – Astrology For Everyone – Sign By Sign Astrology Forecast For January 2013 – 17 December 2012

Astrology Forecast for January 2013 Continue reading

Judith Dagley – About 12.21.12… Well, What About It? – 17 December 2012

21122012Here it comes! December 21st, 2012 is just around the corner, and this is a real mind-bender. Even if you are one of those who intends to live through it as “just another day,” don’t kid yourself–it’s still a mind-bender. Why? Because this date  has been imbued with prophesies and predictions that have been repeated and embellished throughout generations for a very long time. They have thus gathered what Jung called “the archetypal numinosity” of a very powerful myth in the  collective unconscious of humanity. Meaning, whether you know it or not, it’s in yours, too. Continue reading

Sophia Love – 4: 44 AM – 17 December 2012

6025064It feels like we are waiting for the bus on the first day of school.  Our shoes are shined, our pencils, notebooks and crayons are neatly packed in our brand new backpack.  We are wearing an outfit that was carefully chosen for just this moment.  It is a perfect hair day.

We can’t see the bus, but we are in the place where it’ll arrive and we are early.  There’s nothing else to do but look around and pass the time.  The bus will be here any minute and will take us someplace else. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – 2012: The Great Shift -The Hidden Comes To Light…Love Or Fear – 17 December 2012

Uploaded on 12 December 2012 Kemetprince1 Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations!

Chris Bourne – Choosing Ascension – 17 December 2012

Uploaded on 16 December 2012 byOpenhandFoundation ” It’s been prophecised and spoken of for centuries. It’s magical and mystical. To the uninitiated it may seem way out, weird and whacky; but in fact its grounded in the quantum fabric of science. It is very ordinary, awesomely ordinary! It is our Ascension…”:
Chris Bourne

What Did You Miss In All The Negative Displayed – “26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year – 17 December 2012

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year

Thanks to buzzfeed.com with pointers from fb friends. Here goes! Here’s who we really are! 

1. The parents who made their son’s wheelchair into the best Halloween costume ever

Meg Benedicte – “12-12-12 ~ 12-21-12″ – 17 December 2012


As we approach the final days of December towards the Solstice on the 21st, our solar system is moving into alignment in the last degrees of Sagittarius of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is the annual event when the Sun conjuncts the center of our galaxy, which lies at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius.

When our solar system moves into range with the Galactic Equator this week, our planet receives a powerful stream of gamma photon light emanating from the spinning black hole. The surge of gamma energy is evident all around our planet in the increasing solar flares, the melting ice caps, coastal flooding, intensifying storms and climate change, the shifting magnetic poles, thinning of the ionosphere, and the acceleration of time towards zero. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 17 December 2012

Arcturian-GroupWe of the Arcturian Group speak to the world of men today about many things.  We address those of you  feeling great stress and pain regarding world events, and  expectations of December 21, 2012.   This date brings to conclusion most of the new incoming energies, however this does not mean that all is finished, but that you will be ready for a new round of energies to begin.   Continue reading

Selacia – Ascension And 12/21 Solstice – 17 December 2012

SelaciaWith the 12/21 Solstice almost here, it’s vital that you connect with a lightness of being and remain in your heart. A lightness of being, after all, is required to maintain a high frequency.

The process of ascension you have heard so much about is directly related to frequency. In the days ahead of Solstice, and on 12/21 itself, you want to have the highest frequency possible in order to access a multidimensional state allowing for great spiritual openings. Continue reading

Rmuse – The Supreme Court To Decide Whether The Bible Or The Constitution Is The Law Of The Land – 17 December 2012

US Flag and Constitution of the United States of America

(Lucas: This is another example of the patterns, dogmas and old paradigm the non-awakened and cabal still want to cling to. Duality and separation and all things coming forth from that is over. Get into the new paradigm. )

The concept of holding on to a ritual or belief from a previous time that is passed down within a society and still maintained in the present is tradition, and they can persist and sometimes evolve over thousands of years. Every society has myriad popular traditions that are practiced and adhered to by a majority of people, but a tradition’s popularity should not be the impetus for enacting federal or state laws that penalize non-participants, or those who favor alternative traditions.  Continue reading