Visionkeeper – Exhausted – 17 December 2012


As the infamous 12-21-12 draws ever closer I have to say I am just exhausted. It is becoming difficult to whip up blog posts out of thin air. My mind seems so drained with outside information and astrological adjustments taking place, it is enough just to get up everyday and function. I have found pretty intense headaches to be a constant part of this adjusting as well. I don’t know how complete my posts will be between now and December 21st. Please know that I too am going through what everyone else is experiencing and my posting may become less for a time, I just don’t know, I’ll have to play it by ear. I definitely WANT to continue as best I can. You have all become such an integral part of my life here. Sharing this journey has brought us all together in deep friendship.

I mentioned before that these times might get very difficult as the dark ones play out their last hand before going down. They will stop at nothing. This latest tragedy was a good test to see how well we can remain in our hearts, ignore the drama and not crumble under the grief. The shock may hit at first but we see now we must not fall prey to it. We must distance ourselves from whatever insanity they are creating and concentrate on love, on being out in nature, on finding something to be happy with, helping and reaching out to others and remaining calm. We are goodness despite how bad we are made out to be. We will not listen to their lies and allow ourselves to be seen as less when we are more, much, much more! We are light and we are love and we are the new world!!

I urge everyone to stay awake and aware and above all stay centered in your hearts. We are such magnificent beings with so much to offer the world. If we could all go back in time to before the take over of earth by the dark ones we would see what deeply loving and compassionate beings we are. All of the dark traits we have taken on have been ingrained and inbred into us over a very long-span of time. The  way so many people are acting today is not who they really are but rather who they have been made into. The original beings we started out as are who we need to reconnect with and fall in love with again. We have been made to see mankind in such a dark and disturbed way, that we are all defective and in need of help. We are not any such thing! We are beautiful rays of light with huge hearts and a huge capacity for giving and we are filled with love. This is who we were way back when and who we are slowly reconnecting with now. We don’t need changing, we just need to stop being tampered with by the dark ones evil. Love yourself, love all others and love life! It is a shimmering creation of light filled with joy and soon we shall see this and realize this again!

Blessings to us all…

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