Lisa Gawlas – The Gifts Of Those Holding The Darkness, Of Those Holding Alzheimer’s And The Feast At Hand!! – 19 December 2012

buffet-tableI have had several people ask lately if I think we are going to “feel” the shift.  Not like in the body hazards, but in the expansion awareness   Until this, these last two days, my usual reply is I really don’t know, but would like to think so.  I am going to change my stance on that and say… absolutely.  Not so much in the mundane aspect of life, the spiritual energy, the spiritual attributes that are available for use for ALL who desire to step out of limitations… absolutely, because I already am.  It took me a couple of days to really understand how it changed…

I also realized, as I contemplated all of yesterday this miraculous expansion into understanding and seeing… for me to utilize my own “upgrades” I must also hit those who have gone thru a raise in the vibrational aspect to unlock the information available.  Remember, this (ascension) has always been a team sport, up until now we have been exercising in private locker rooms to get ready for the big game.  Well… game on!!

As I contemplated the release of some amazing information again yesterday, my first thought went to… how and why.  I no longer just hear the answer to questions, or see the potential at hand, it is like the answer to (particular) questions houses to story unfolding for life itself.  Several times yesterday spirit gave me the visual of the old record players.  A disk with groves in it and the need for a needle to fit the groves and release the contents of the record player.  The higher he vibrational rate of the record and the needle, the more in-depth the information being played back.

One of my beautiful lady’s yesterday asked about her dad and these times.  Her dad is not the happiest or most loving person housed in a body, actually, he could be considered quite the opposite.  I pray, as I share the amazing depth of visual understanding as clearly in words as I understand it without words.  It was a gift like no other!

The moment she asked about him, I could see something really really odd, well, odd to my spiritual peepers.  He was standing in the most dense brown energy with all these little particles moving upwards all around him.  It so reminded me of bubbles in a fish tank, only no light and not other color what so ever except this deep brown.


He was as brown as the bubbles.  I could feel he was standing on something… a very brown earth.  These bubbles, which I eventually realized was dirt itself, cascading upwards, filled the entire depth of my vision.  I connected to his body and all I could feel was profound sorrow.

I looked at what he was standing on… a version of earth that is now turning a clay like substance.  All the loose particles of love and joy are moving upwards to form the new earth.  The pain, the sorrow, those holding deeply to the past are now so connected, so a part of the old earth now falling away, that they will go with this earth.

His body looked just as clay like as what was left of the earth.  Instantly I got an image of the tumor that was once on my back… the same color spectrum at hand.  Then suddenly I could see many other aspects of life just like him… holding the darkness firm and solid… scattered about the clay version of earth… and I could see the concaving energy within this very small ball of clay called earth.

These beautiful and precious people had to hold solid in the dark, in the void of love, of joy of forgiveness  so that in this shift of ages, of all life, the earth could consumer the tumors… fold all that no longer held the light in and on earth, back into herself as the core becomes remolded.

I could feel such a wave of deep gratitude wash over me for her father, for all the others who appear to be so cruel and mean…  if they did not firmly hold their stance in the darkness, like all the evolutionary leaps forward before, they would be harnessing their darkness in the new earth…

Can you imagine the love it takes from the soul level to agree to come into life and snuff out the light of love in your life, so that the earth may ascend into the glory of pure radiant love itself?

But I equally want to say that it took some seriously loving souls to come into life and breathe love and clarity into the darkness as well.  You cannot remove the darkness if the light of what was once dark remained dark/hidden.  So we had to take up the mantels of tragedy, of injustice, of illness to breathe love into each and every experience.  To see it and embrace it from a higher, lighter, fuller perspective.

We had to break up the solidness of density into particle energy… as this beautiful man showed us.  So that earth, life, can reformat herself in the higher vibrations of Love.  As our bodies have been going thru a cellular change, so has our earth… so is our earth.

From the release of information in the triad of energy called me, my lovely lady and her dad… the information came out that as we move onto and settle into the new earth of 2013, there will appear to be overlapping energies… old and new.  The mind must equally catch up to the change.  To weed out (if you will) what is not longer real.

To the soul incarnate… it will appear as if more and more deaths are taking place.  But this is how life changes.  We will witness people moving out of the skin of the new earth and moving elsewhere into timelines of deeper, darker energies so they can have their do-overs.  Transmute their self into the Light of Love on all levels.

From the profound story this man gave to us… in all that we did getting to here…. the illumination of dark into light, even their timelines will be drastically lighter than the first time, because we have changed that!!

We will acquaint ourselves with this new life, this new world, this new biological field fully infused with spiritual energy thru 2015… when another profound shift happens again.  And there will be many more after that.

Now I so understand why, in the realm of readings, everyone is still very much on their own personal zip line, each day, taking on light, attributes of the like… in preparation for our new walk, in new bodies, on the new earth… with each other.

I do want to add another perspective on things as well.  This is from several conversations had the last week or so.

Alzheimer’s / Dementia.

Our brain waves are being stretched, contracted, expanded, tweaked day in and day out.  Some days if feels like our minds have left the playing field  some days the clarity is almost intimidating and breath-enhancing.  There are so many holding the expansion in what we call Alzheimer’s   Where the timelines of their journey seem to get very confused… to the point they no longer seem to be in our present.  What an amazing gift they have given to us.  Nothing can happen without the human holding the energy of …. anything really.  So our beloveds took up the thing we call Alzheimer so that we may go thru our expansion in the timelines (perception lines) and snap back to the new reality.

Thru it all, we are doing so many “memory dumps” things that no longer serve the greater good, the new world in which we are arriving, so it can seem like we are loosing our minds, and indeed, in a way, we are… purposely so.  Our loved ones tagged with the label of Alzheimer’s and Dementia have taken what was no longer needed in this evolving time and put it back to where it originated from… which will go thru its own transmutation process too.

There are sooo many beautiful, absolutely needed things happening thru our perspective called “disease” that without those holding it… it would have to accompany our journey into 2013, in which case, that would not be Heaven, it would be a continuation of the old story.  But that is not the case.

So take a moment, a really long moment, and give hugs and praise and thanx to those doing their part, holding darkness, revealing the depth of pain thru their actions, holding what appears to be biological inconsistencies so that ALL may evolve into the Heaven called Earth.

Ohhhhh…. ha, another thing that came thru one of the readings… this so tickled me.

About a month maybe two ago I shared a visual about moving into the new ballroom of Life.  In it, was tables upon table upon tables of food.  All kinds of food.  In talking about the crazy and funny easy bake oven analogy yesterday… I suddenly realized there is more to life than cake (imagine that!!)  WE are the food on the table.  WE are the vast variety of “food” that life will eat of, eat from.  WE are the buffet on the tables… WE are the ballroom itself.  WE are the flipping party!!

WE are the nourishment of the new world.  When we feed other, we feed ourselves…. geez no wonder I have gotten so flipping fluffy this year… YOU have feed my heart, my soul my entire life so abundantly.  I love You in a way, my words will never fully reveal.  You are in and a part of the cells of my body and I feel you each and every day, all day!

Together, WE are the living heartbeat of the new world.

In awe, in humbleness, and the deepest of gratitude wrapped in (((((HUGZ))))

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