VIsionkeeper – What Will It Look Like When We Wake Up On The 21st? – 19 December 2012

I hope everyone isn’t expecting the world to be different when they wake up on the 21st. I don’t want my readers to be let down. I don’t think we will see change in our physical world, but perhaps we will encounter some kind of gentle shift in consciousness? We just don’t know what to expect but as I have said before, let us not get our hopes up.

It is strange to be entering into something the whole world knows absolutely nothing about. We are the true Star trekkers going to where no man has gone before. We are breaking new ground and making history. This is the thrill of a lifetime, literally! Absolutely no fear necessary. Don’t waste your energy. We are so blessed to be alive at this amazing time and part of the evolution of humanity. We are changing like the tadpole into the frog and it is we who are doing the changing for all those that come after us. We are the pioneers like those in covered wagons discovering their new world.

Feel honored that you were chosen to be a part of this undertaking. This will not come around again for another 26,000 years (approx.). It is a good time to find ways to  make other people’s lives better. It is so gratifying to lift up someone elses life and bring them joy and hope, equally as important, it amps up our own light to a very brilliant white and it spreads out to everybody around us. We all enjoy hero stories, they make us feel good inside, because this is who we really are. Be that hero to those around you in small ways and you and they will glow. We need to get the light as bright as we can right now! These next two days are our last chance to get this right! Turn on the flood lights and open your hearts. Have faith in the process and know we are on the right path. Love and light to all…

Blessings to us all,

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