Emmanuel Dagher – Your Minute Of Transformation – 20 December 2012

Emmanuel_Dagher_OfficialHi, I’m Emmanuel Dagher & this is your minute of Transformation.

As we continue to move through the shift in global consciousness, some deeply rooted belief systems that may have been blocking us from truly experiencing our greatest vision for our life have started to come to the surface to be released.

One of the themes coming up for many right now is really getting clarity on if we are living in the ‘and’ paradigm or the ‘or’ paradigm.

Let me explain. If we are an ‘and’ person, usually we go with the flow & open ourselves up to insights & opportunities that ultimately lead to more blessings in our lives. If we are an ‘or’ person, usually we set limitations for ourselves & are met with a lot of blocks.

A good example where we can see this theme present is in the choices we make when it comes to money & happiness.

There seems to be a strong belief in the collective that either we choose to follow our passion/bliss & have barely enough money to get by, or we settle for a career that brings us lots of money, but remain unfulfilled.

Let’s take a quick inventory right now to see which paradigm we’ve chosen. The greatest way we can tell is quite simple. Are we experiencing deep fulfillment in our lives while making enough money at the same time, or are we experiencing the opposite?

What if we can have both? What if we could actually follow our bliss & open ourselves up to financial abundance at the same time? What would life look like for us?

Moving out of the ‘or’ paradigm & back into the ‘and’ paradigm will open us up to infinite possibilities allowing us to create our greatest life’s vision.

Healing Downloads (say ‘yes’ out loud if you’d like any of the following downloads to work on a deep subconscious level)

Are you ready to release the limitations you may have created for yourself around money & happiness?

Would you like to know how to connect with the paradigm of ‘and’ rather the paradigm of ‘or?’

Would you like to know it’s possible for you?

If so, say “Yes” out loud and feel into the energy.

Notice what’s different about your life in the coming weeks and thank the Universe, because through gratitude the Universe blesses us with even more to be grateful for!

That’s your Minute of Transformation with Emmanuel Dagher, have a wonderful day!

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